in Praise of Lies

We are all abject liars. We need to be to survive

We are all abject liars. Yes, you too 
It simply won’t do to be anything other 
And me, too, through and through 
We despise lies and liars. True? 
Yet lies are needed every day 
We re-lie on lies. No other way 

Essential to our everyday survival 
Wife: ‘How do you like my new hairdo?’ 
You: ‘That’s you to your boots, it really suits 
Frames your face, sets off your eyes.’ 
Thinks:  It stinks, set all a-tilt 
Looks like something a crow built 

‘It looks really expensive’ 
She (Defensive)‘Bargain honey, just ninety bucks’ 
(It was an obscene two hundred and fifteen) 
‘Great darling money well spent.’ 
Lying bugger what you really meant 
Ninety bucks? Shucks! Way too much, god it sucks 

If you told the truth, forsooth 
You’d both hit the roof 
So, being weak, we lie to get by. 
A hundred lies a day leave our loving lips 
From serious (I love you) 
To shallow quips (You’re great) 

The quintessential essence of life is untruth 
Break that rule and you’re a fool 
You’ll be ostracised, driven away 
And, god forfend, 
Pay the ultimate price 
Of being thought “not nice” 


© pronto 2023
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Wow, Tony, you’ve turned into a rapper! I bet you’ll be coating yourself in bling, turning your baseball cap back to front, wearing your tracksuit bottoms halfway down your arse and saying “Word up, motherfuckers” in no time! Seriously though, you’ve done really well here and I’m impressed. Your experimental and free rhyme scheme makes it easier for you to form lines and to rhyme when you want to, not just because it’s the end of the line and you have to. This means you can avoid the cardinal poetic sin of putting words in the wrong order, making it… Read more »


Yep, I enjoyed the ride, no slanging from me. I thought it was great.

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