My last post on old UKA …


It’s time to go now.

There’s an empty space
where my heart used to be,

and the wind blows cold,
colder than I’ve ever known.

It’s time to go now.
Time to pull a curtain around my soul
and say goodbye.

No – don’t cry, don’t cry

because I die,

and the pen is dry.

© valdohren 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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You seem to be in a valedictory mood this week val. This is lovely, but sad … Elf


Hi Val
This is hard to read, the anguish is so raw.
A different style for you. You do it well. The last line so final, excellent.
I hear you. I admire those who are not scared or inhibited from laying their soul on the line in brave writing like this.
I hope your pen is not dry. You have too much to offer 😉
Alison xx


This is so delicately and achingly sad, Val, and exquisitely penned. Keep writing, the words will come back.


Heart achingly sad, but so beautiful. Sue x


I posted a comment but it hasn’t come up, I tried again and was told it was already posted? So I hope you got it. Sue x

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