Letting Go

A repost —



It’s okay love, you can go now,
but set the door ajar as you leave –
just enough for the light of your memory
to shine through.

We’ve gone a long way, you and I, on this journey,
but I am tired now, in need of rest –
so I will stay here and say goodbye.

Yes, it’s okay love, you can go now,
be where you ought to be –
I’ll still think of you …


© valdohren 2023
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Well deserved too Val. Much of your poem – all of it in fact – struck home for life whether it be good or bad is not eternal. It is therefore an irony that the pain following a good life is the greater..
I guess the Pick has replaced the Pen but in any event yours is well deserved. (Sorry to say it was not me);


Loved this it says so much with so few words.

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A simple and beautiful poem, Val.

The site has missed you. I hope you will come back. We’re doing some nice revamping at the moment.

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