Bell Place in Twilight

A reflective poem of inner peace with thanks to St Julian of Norwich





Peace abounds
in this pit-stop to somewhere.

Next door’s Eucalyptus tree
speaks of growth,
deep roots.

The stillness in this haven in the city
is blessed by flowing water,
wilwild ducks, airborne
in twilight’s surrender.

Distant wood pigeons’
echoing, faintly.

Serenity whispers
as darkness falls
in deepening hush.

A sanctuary from the chaos;
Played out daily on TV screens
of disaster, wars
and loss..

But, in this golden moment,
I sit entranced
and thankful

for the will, conviction,
the inner mantra
branded with love,

*“all is well, all shall be well,
all manner of things
shall be well.”

*St Julian of Norwich







© stormwolf 2023
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This is beautiful Alison, a small piece of paradise in the chaos of life. Sue x

It sounds a lovely place, that’s how I feel about the little park behind my garden. I liked the layout, had no idea it was by accident. 🙂 x


Alison: a quiet, sanctuary of a poem.


So you…hope you find some inner peace Alison
Mike XxX


Strange – this is also very reminiscent of ‘Im Abendrot’. (See my comment on valdohren’s poem). Maybe we’re all in elegiac moods this week!
Can I say that the layout definitely doesn’t work for me? Scattering the stanzas like that breaks up the mood and makes it trickier to read. Elf


You paint a picture of a lovely, relaxing place Alison. I would like to think that all shall be well for everyone in the fullness of time – let’s hope so.
Val xx

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