Not quite as simple as it reads.

The lark he penned a wistful note

         towards the dawning of the day,

west drawn winds took up the call

         and stole his voice away.

Uncaring there those western winds,

         to punish was their aim

imprison in their silent walls

         bleed dry all sweet refrain.

The lark, his heart yet troubled still,

         grew stronger in his pain,

turned to face a different sky

         and learned to sing again.

© sweetwater 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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Bravo! A tale of over-coming adversity and rejuvenation.

Alison x

Your secret’s safe with me 😉


I like this very much Sue, an excellent metaphor. So pleased you and your daughter have resolved your differences, and best wishes to both of you.
Val xx


Sue: i like your poem. was going to make a writing suggestion but this poem isn’t about the writing but the disagreement and a headstrong girl. i’m glad for the reconciliation. Swep


Sue: perhaps, “floated his voice away” instead of “stole”. for your consideration. Swep


great explanation. Swep


Beautiful poem loaded with metaphor. I loved the language and layout of this creative piece.

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