Just a bit of fun …


Bu**er, bi**’er, be**er,
Where’s the missin’ le**er ?
Beau*iful and pre**y ? –
Not this li**le di**y !

Have you ‘eard ‘em speakin’ ?
All these words a-tweakin.’
Nuff to set ya cryin’ –
‘English’ now is dyin.’

But Shakespeare, Austen, Dickens
not such easy pickin’s –
crafted to perfection –
free from vivisection.

Masters of our lingo –
They’ve got the T’s, by jingo !

© valdohren 2023
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I blame texting! LMAO? WTF? FYI? Mitch


Excellent! I share your opinion too. What depresses me is reading comments in newspapers where people use ‘text speak’. Many are also barely literate. In my day (OMG sound ancient) but people who wrote as so many do now, would be considered ‘dunces’ No kidding and not only speaking about teenagers sadly. When I read second hand messages of condolence etc. from Facebook (cannot stand that either) it depresses the hell out of me. If anyone doubts that the standard of education has fallen, they only need to read the comments in the Daily Mail reader’s section. In fact sadly… Read more »


Indeed – I pity the vowels being stripped from the words I love till the whole media-sphere seems populated by hyper Yorkshire folk with irritable vowel syndrome.


We live in a world I no longer understand, it’s not just text speak, it’s attitude. I’m a miserable old fart who speaks his mind, I hate political correctness and all that surrounds it. Schools were there to teach the three ‘Rs’ and guide you on your way. What the hell happened?
Great piece Val
Mike XxX


For some strange reason I have only just found this one. I agree one hundred percent with you, I do not do the txt speak thing, when I text I have to put in the capital letters and the punctuation, and wish other’s would do me the same courtesy. I wish someone with a magic wand would wake up and realise how far down the road to social destruction we have come. Well said Val. Xx

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