Calling in the Crows

Written when newly re-located to the city and missing my crows.


Hear my voice in your cold dark dawn
frosty branches and purple streaked sky.
Awake! rouse yourselves!
heads removed from covering wing.

Come now, to this small city dwelling.

Fly above the cliffs and the barren cornfields,
majestic architecture and city churches.
Let me hear your noisy ponderings
as to the reason for your summons
in adjacent bleak trees,
devoid now of foliage,
trusting in seasons.
Sloping down to the river
flowing always flowing…
Like life,
no matter what the day
has brought.

En masse,
your precious black bodies
reminiscent of *Armadale
talk to me beyond words,
beyond worlds….

Become a covert shield,
A dark place of re-connection;

Come now with comfort
and tales of new tomorrows on your beaks.
Petitioned from the steel horizon
by one who loves to hear your stories.

Cover me in blue-black feathers,
share your beating hearts with me.
Shelter me
among your squawking chaos.

Peck me to life .



  • Armadale A place of retreat for me for two years in the country

© stormwolf 2023
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you’re a fertile girl, your poem rich if in need of a bit of consolidation. and sometimes your speaking voice can be a bit stilted. all of which is to say i like your poem and maybe can show some of what i was saying, Hear me (cut Hear my voice) Rouse yourselves (cut Awake!) Peep out from covering wing (instead of heads removed) Come. (instead of Come now.) perhaps “Soar above cliffs, barren cornfields,” cut the next line (with architecture, churches) perhaps I’ll listen in on your noisy ponderings of the reason for your summons, In adjacent bleak trees,… Read more »


Dear Allison, you are absolutely charming. i had been to your poem several times before but was put off by the length if i was going to try to remark. if my suggestions sound like a “man’s voice” then by all means listen to your own. you are a good poet with a very rich internal life and that’s where your poems come from. i do love crows and ravens and i think the picture you posed for with crow wings is both beautiful and a tad risque. Your friend, Pops


Some great stand out lines in this and love the strong last verse and end line…Leila x


Hello Alison,
Much enjoyed reading you poem, and indeed understanding some of it. I also enjoyed the conversation between yourself and Slovitt who clearly likes your work.
Perhaps this poem is a good example of the difficulties that those of us face who do not have a natural ‘ear’ for poetry. We want it to speak to us as it speaks to others but often can’t. Understanding the words is not the same as understanding the meaning.
Just as a matter of interest, the Kimber Coat Of Arms includes three Cornish Chufs. Very similar to crows!


I love this Alison, I read your words and the poem came across as if you were demanding they came to you, you had a real need of them. A real passion to be with them once more, shown in your ‘peck me to life’. But when I listened it was completely different, still the need, the passion but so much more gentle, more of a plea for them to come to you. Either way, it’s a wonderful piece. I really enjoyed the way you read it, the pauses, the softness of your voice. Lovely. Sue xx

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