Dawn Webs


A poem about finding relevance in a turbulant world, family and loved ones
and claiming your place in it all.
(with loose reference to various cosmologies worldwide which speak of Mother Spider)






There’s a dark night ahead.

while the light remains…

I‘ll host a banquet in your honour
and sit you head of table
help you to your rest
when indigo descends.

The pull is on the web,

but while these legs still walk
I’ll fold you all in in caring kindness
roll you up securely…
Almost smother you,
in love.

Life’s just a passing shadow,
a hiccup to infinity
or fleeting sigh in Fortune’s ear.

I need to nail our permanence
to something that will linger

Place stamp upon the future.
Reverberate in un-dreamt dreams.
Give wings,
to rising souls
to access heaven, or infant hearts
to soothe and bless.

My words must be indelible,
my interactions meaningful.

Till Greater Sun shall take me
Mother Spider’s
always spinning.




Alison Stormwolf

© stormwolf 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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A superb poem Alison, I loved the total meaningfullness ( is that a word? ) behind every line, especially taken with ‘a hiccup to infinity’ though, that’s brilliant. Sue xx


I seem to remember the title from some time ago Alison. Beautifully expressed as ever.
Val xx


Lovely poem and one many will easily identify with…Leila x

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