The City of Light

A wee poem that came to me this morning


No one remains in the City of Light

Crystalline towers reach up in the night

Lit by the glow – an aetherial sight

No one remains in the City of Light


The City of Light at the end of its days

No-one promenades on its shining broad ways

No triumph for justice, no triumph for right

No one remains in the City of Light


The forces of darkness are gathered around

The towers will tumble and fall to the ground

The city will crumble, no hope in its plight

No one remains in the City of Light 



© e-griff 2023
critique and comments welcome.
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Hi Griff, The first things which came to mind reading this was the fall of the banking system (which is waiting in the wings)
I may have it wrong going by this line
‘No triumph for justice, no triumph for right’
however, knowing our opinions are usually polar opposites 😉 I may be right.

Anyway, although short and simple, it did leave an image on my inner retina and that’s always good.
Alison x


Well what stands out for me is the image of pure abandonment. The buidings themselves are lit up but totally empty, evoking images of maybe having been vacated in a hurry. A snap-shot in time before the destruction.
I really liked it.


I liked this one a lot – it’s my kind of poem, probably because it would make a very good song lyric. It reminded me strongly of one of Rick Hayter’s songs, ‘Looking Back on Now’. He could no doubt write a great melody for this one too.


Very rhythmic, musical. Would work as song lyrics. Almost feel sorry for the poor old Parisians.


Paris is known as the city of light. Thought it may have been alluding to the recent atrocities.

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