A Bitter Wind

A poem about Culloden Battlefield today and the effects of the subsequent highland clearances.






And so, t’is a bitter wind that blows
around Drumossie.
A plaintive crow that lends a single voice
piercing guilty silence.
The moss itself, whispers among the slanted stones,
footsteps sinking into sacrifice.

Distant, calm blue firth betrays the battle-yells
awake forever on the breeze.
Over heathered moors, ruined cottages
stand sentinel to different times;

The Rowan, redundant now.
Red berries speak of spilled blood
and failure to protect hearth and home 
from supernatural but more so,

A weeping wound with no stopping;
Engrained on Highlanders for all time,
the ghostly call of the empty glens
echoes down the ages.


Final pic



© stormwolf 2020
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Going back so far in history, HA, all wars were brutal hand-to hand fighting, and killing without mercy a live person in a you or him situation was the norm. The internal massacre between clans at Glencoe in 1692 where the Campbells slaughtered the McDonalds, including women and children, all under 70 yeras old, in an act of seldom seen treachery and lack of a minimum of chivalry. Yes, butcher Cumberland unfortunately wasn’t alone in using total slaughter tactics to subdue the enemy! It must be judged in the context of the times. With death being such a common daily… Read more »


Well most of the Scottish heroes, including Robert the Bruce, Rob Roy, and Robbie Burns were all lowlanders! But, I do know where you’re coming from. Being a Cromwellian, I’m still seething with anger over the Governer of Scotland, Monck, returning to London and restoring Charlie II to the throne! I can’t sleep it affects me so much, except in the small hours! It worries me so much, I’m trying like the Culloden ascendants to have the character and courage to move on, butI can’t stop thinking about it all day! Especially now with the prospect of Queen Nicola I… Read more »

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