Memory Lane

A poem…



I often go down

memory lane.

I find it comforting,

it keeps me sane.

I don’t look my age,

I’m frequently told

and to be honest

I don’t feel old.

Yet I belong

to a bygone era:

there was no Euro

but the Italian lira,

the franc, the mark,

the English pound

and the world economy

wasn’t too sound.

It was quite hard

for me to get by

so to my land

had to say goodbye.

The names of the friends

I left behind

I haven’t forgotten,

they are fixed in my mind.

Although with certainty

I cannot tell

how many to this earth

have said farewell.


© Luigi Pagano 2016

© ionicus 2023
critique and comments welcome.
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Luigi ‘ricordi portare dolore così dolce’ Nice one, I have a memory poem somewhere I will see if I can dig it out.
trouble is it makes me cry…


One of your good ones this – very good rhythm and rhyme. I wonder if you might emphasise that by halving the number of lines as in
“I often go down memory lane.
I find it comforting, it keeps me sane.” … etc ? Just a thought. 🙂

Sadly, when one gets to our age, friends do start to depart and it is a real shock. Elf.


Memory Lane is a great place to visit, especially these days. Nice poem.

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