Another one from the heart …

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Smile girl!
Don’t pull a hurt face;
display that agreement which
the willfully ignorant need.

Smile girl!
The grinding teeth won’t be heard
and silent acquiescence is
all that the disinterested want.

Smile girl!
Who needs your opinion?
Your views are unimportant,
your life erased by unconcern.

Smile girl!
This world is for conformers,
those who do not disturb
the smiling consensus.

Smile girl!
Your tears will be ignored anyway;
the pain you carry is irrelevant,
all that’s needed is that fixed

© Elfstone 4/3/16

© Elfstone 2018
critique and comments welcome.

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I agree, just smile. Smiling is contagious, you might just make someone else smile too. Nice write.


I think I know what you mean Elf. A bit deep–but obviously from the heart. A smie is the greatest gift of nature.IMHO 😉


An incredible portrayal of the chasm between the needs and the dispensed advice of the unaware, uncaring?
Many of us carry the hurts of not being understood, not being affirmed as who we really are.
The child in us all, wants to be loved, so we can be very hurt and wounded by so many things people say or don’t say.
One of the things I have found as I got older was realising the inability of some people to be warm becuase they never knew it themselves. ;-(

Alison x


The realisation that smiles need to start in the eyes takes a while to understand. Without the eyes, smiles are just lies dressed up.
Good writing.

Elf, the repeated spat-out phrase ‘smile girl’ powerfully evokes a stinging rebuke on a personal level as if your speaker is addressing, perhaps, a parent or authority figures of her child and girlhood, but, for me, it cuts two ways; it’s the hurt and personal complaint extended to the cultural and ‘normalized’ expectations of what it means to be born a ‘girl’ in this world. And for millions across this globe the consequences of refusal to smile and accept ‘your place’ – of getting it ‘wrong’ – can be horrendous. Can even be death. What your poem brought up for… Read more »
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