Just Following Orders.



A poem that decries the New World Order and its minions.

The time is almost upon us
when the light will shine with lucid
of all those who
put themselves
to help the unfolding
of the New World Order.

Please do not try to loosen
the noose around your neck.
The knot is not for turning….(or loosening)
The hang-man’s grip is determined…

if he should falter,
the queue reaches round the corner
and down the street.

Shame on those who saw and did nothing!
Woe on those who spied and betrayed their neighbour
to serve the CCTV gods.
Don’t bleat and plead ignorance.
Step up to the gallows like a man.

When you surrender being human
to align yourselves with evil,
you forfeit
all that allegiance
to warm beating
flesh and blood

and you become
a mere switch
awaiting and deserving


© Alison Stormwolf 2012

© stormwolf 2023
critique and comments welcome.
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People are born into the slavery of the system, given things to satisfy their basic urges, and told to fight among themselves by divisive politics and ordered not to look at the powerful running away after stealing all of our money and hope for the future. Summed up nicely in your poem. Fight the machine!

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