Coming back…

This is in response to a 5 hundred word challenge that was submitted on the aternative uka site but didn’t make it over to this one. Other postings seemed to make it okay?


Can we come back?

The answer must be – of course, we can come back. You are here now I am here now, we came from nowhere, so, why can’t we come from nowhere again. I am not being frivolous here, I am deadly serious. The problem is that we need just a bit of luck – well I am obviously fibbing there – we need more than a colossal amount of luck. When we die we return to nowhere, and as we know that is where we started from. Everything that has lived and is living on earth started as nothing in nowhere. You may have to think about that a little.

Now the problem is of course, that we hit the jackpot this time, what is the chance of hitting it again? Well just think about what you could have been. (Remember we have no say in the matter.) Percentage wise when we consider all the insects, birds, fish and other water creatures, in fact when we consider all living things, we humans are outnumbered by such a large number that so far no one has been able to calculate it. So the chance of you coming back are incalculable, and that only applies to coming back as anything at all – yes that includes an ant. There is a mighty queue of nothings in nowhere all wanting a crack of the whip. I rather suspect if they knew what they would probably end up as, many would voluntarily keep going to the back of the said queue.

So just suppose you made it to the human line, which country would you like to be in. You can’t choose England! the waiting list is thousands of years. You may get a chance at North Korea or possible Eastern Europe, but then you have to get the right guy out of millions, who produces the right sperm out of billions, to fertilise the right egg out of millions of females. (it is claimed there will never be a computer powerful enough to calculate these odds) that would produce you.

Well as they say we have all done it before…

So I have to ask the question, why, when it is so very hard – well nigh on impossible to get here at all, are we so bloody nasty to one another? Why do some people want, and need, to cause trouble all the time? Isn’t it a shame that there hasn’t been some sort of filtration involved? But thinking about it, how can you filter nothing? So I leave you now with this thought, when you eventually leave this mortal coil, I sincerely hope that you get in the right queue, and get what you deserve. If you don’t make it back! well at least you won’t know anything about it…

Is it possible to avoid going back to nowhere and nothing? Well I am given to understand that it may be. But that will have to be for another time…

Place your bets…

© milo 2023
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A test comment


Milo thand you for responding to my 500 word challenge. Yo could have written a book on the subject you chose, but you did it superbly in 500 words. Numero uno !!


My money is on not returning at all, not in any sentient way, but our bodies will be assimilated into the soil, the plants, animals and so on. I might have a go at one of these writing challenges. Getting something down in 500 words is very challenging. Nice post.

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