Critic’s Choice

We all take criticism of our work in different ways. Sometimes we thank the critic and sometimes we are cut to the quick by brutal honesty.

If I say your poetry’s great
Please don’t reciprocate
Just say what you think
It won’t cause a stink
I will not shout or berate

If you find my wit makes you weary
If you think my poems are dreary
If my purple prose
Gets right up your nose
Then say so no need to be leery

An honest opinion’s worth much
Though it feels like a kick in the crotch
If given false praise
I’ll ne’re mend my ways
And be lost and way out of touch

Then next time we meet out on the street
Say hi and ask how it goes
In answer to that
I’ll call you a twat
And punch you right on the nose

(Yes I know the last stanza is imperfect. I have to leave something for the critics!) 🙂

© pronto 2023
critique and comments welcome.
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