Natura Naturans, 4

I crawled backwards out of the window as the now animated corpse of Old Marg slowly meandered towards me. To say what was happening was weird is the very meaning of understatement. Pulp fiction and horror movies had taught me one thing and that was that zombies had an unstoppable and insatiable appetites but I felt very little threat. Maybe

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Natura Naturans, 2

It was only after I had struggled beneath the fence panel that I realised how easy it would’ve been to throw the empty rucksack over the top. Instead I’d dragged it through a gap that disappeared every time I touched the fence with barely the force of a stiff breeze. My feeble fence-wedge of bamboo canes wasn’t up to the

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Natura Naturans, 1

  I was amazed I lasted 17 days in the house without setting foot outside. I’d not opened the front or back doors, nor a window, or even my curtains. Man I was amazed. Before the incident I was a creature of severe habit, some said I required professional help, with my obsession of controlling every aspect of my life

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