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Gammon. Chav. Working-class scum. Prole. Moron. Imbecile. White Male Privileged Oppressor. Supremacist. Imperialist. Racist. Bigot. Poo-face. Stinkypants. Misogynist. Sexist. Homophobe. Islamophobe. Xenophobic Little Englander. Can't even spell. Shouldn't be allowed to vote. Or speak.
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Alfie Shoyger

Anti-globalist, anti-woke dissident. Bilingual European nationalist. Socialist. Celto-Saxon. Expatriate. Refugee.

Poet. Rhymer. Rhythmer. Experimenter.

Thunderbolt-powered Ectoplasm Storage Unit Engineer, Antelope Farmer and Bolshoi Ballerina.


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