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Originally published on December 11, 2015 in Poetry        

There is a place,
to the
north of here.
Common law marriage,
perched on a cliff,
one season,
by the sea.
we would drive into the country,
to laze on high rocks,
the Bridestones.
momentary lapses,
a twenty something,
before we knew better.

And if you,
are ever,
there too,
sit in rear seat and
listen as
we drive,
home to the coast.
Laying out a rug,
drinking coffee,
a view beyond the cliffs,
to a future horizon.
Happy memories
or the
duplicity of distance?
And yet still
I go there,
a place,
to the north of here.

© swissterrace (swissterrace on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 35951
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Gee on 11-12-2015
One Season
There's a real longing that comes through here. Memories of good times and a love that didn't last but was wonderful enough to draw you back to that special place.
Very nicely done.

Author's Reply:
Gee - thanks for the great comments and the UKA submission if it was you. Has really made my day to be recognised. thanks again. Carl

franciman on 11-12-2015
One Season
Very visual. I found myself there midst the memories of my own guilt. My favourite:-
Happy memories
or the
duplicity of distance?
And yet still
I go there,
a place,
to the north of here.
Someone beat me to the nomination button.
Thank you,

Author's Reply:
Jim - many thanks for the great comments. It means a lot to get recognition from others writers, so very much appreciated. Carl

Mikeverdi on 12-12-2015
One Season
Yep,this does it for me. Agree with the others this is really good,, well worth the Nomination.

Author's Reply:
Hi mike, thanks for your valued comment. I read your story again it has inspired me to have a go at my own. Do u have a story of yours which u like, I will read it for inspiration. I have affected ideas in mind which have been there for a while. I think from reading other work the key is not to over obsess with description I read the first chapter of 1984 the other day and it's amazing how Orwell sets the scene so quickly. I also have been reading the snows.of kilimanjaro by Hemingway, great little stories about life. Thanks again.

e-griff on 12-12-2015
One Season
I like this poem because it has imagery and associations without being too direct. With my own poetry, I fight the directness/practicality that comes out naturally (its the engineer in me 🙂 ). When I occasionally manage to get something to emerge in this kind of style, I'm very pleased. I was pleased to read this, very nice and lingers with you after reading.

Author's Reply:
Thanks for the comments, pleased you like it. We all have our own styles of writing and we all like it when we get it right.



Bozzz on 12-12-2015
One Season
Being a bigoted Southerner, naturally a place up north has no trees and life without flowers. But if it is truly suitable for illicit relationships there must be some wild life around. Much enjoyed. Good fun ...David

Author's Reply:
Thanks David. Its interesting that you read this was an illicit relationship, fascinating interpretation. It did happen a long time ago though. Maybe, its easier to write about things which happened in the distant past.

Living in Hornsea, any place outside Yorkshire to me is down south.