UKArchive ID: 35745Yesterday's Sorrows. by sweetwater
Originally published on November 6, 2015 in Poetry        

Just thinking how past sorrows can still cut deep.

Scars, torn from the cuts of years
burn across your cheeks
rip tracks across the skin, carving
their memorial with falling tears.
Unquiet souls no peace to win
with wounds that seep the blood
of sorrows. No future step that can
begin when bound in heart
to lost tomorrows.

© sweetwater (sweetwater on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 35745
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Mikeverdi on 06-11-2015
Yesterdays Sorrows.
I love this Sue, so sad but beautifully written. I hope others appreciate how much you have put into this. You have grown in your writing. You should be proud.

Author's Reply:
Thank you Mike, many tears went into this I must admit, not in a ' feel sorry for myself way ' but in the knowledge we can never truly put deep sadness behind us, even though we think we have. Many people know this but I just decided to write down what I felt when time spiralled back to a black time for a few minutes.
I wouldn't have come this far forward if it hadn't been for your advice and guidance, and the time you gave in messaging me with helpful suggestions. 🙂 Sue. Xxx

franciman on 06-11-2015
Yesterdays Sorrows.
Sue, you have to stop listening to that old charlatan, Mikeverdi! Your poetry is getting altogether too good.
Seriously, this is such a tactile poem. It rips and tears at the reader saying: here, share my pain...
And there's no need to explain this piece - it says it all in very few words.

Author's Reply:
Haha, just wish I'd had his poetry guidance years ago. Thank you so much for your very kind comments Jim, I know we are supposed to write mainly for ourselves but it's such a compliment to hear that others have read and enjoyed the piece. 🙂 Sue.x

sweetwater on 06-11-2015
Yesterdays Sorrows.
Would like to say a big THANK YOU for the nib and nomination. :-))

Author's Reply:

stormwolf on 06-11-2015
Yesterdays Sorrows.
When reading this I heard it being recited. I don't know why but like many good and deep poems that need a Richard Burton voice to do them justice, this one came across like that.
Congrats on the poem's success.
Alison x


Author's Reply:
Thank you Alison, I hadn't thought of this one like that, but I would love to hear my poems read aloud, I have tried many times to read and record them on my phone, but I just cannot get it right, I can do it in my head perfectly but never out loud, so annoying. Thank you too for the congrats on the poem, I'm very pleased people have liked it so much. Xx

Bozzz on 07-11-2015
Yesterdays Sorrows.
Oh my, Sue, you sure can make the words bite when you have a mind to do so. Sorrow is not enough - we have to get rid of it in brilliant print. Love, David

Author's Reply:
You are quite right David, write about something that causes you pain and it flows away from you in the ink. Capture in poetry something outside ourselves we find stirring though, and it becomes closer, strange that. I appreciate very much you reading and commenting on this David, thank you. Sue xx

pommer on 08-11-2015
Yesterdays Sorrows.
So beautifully written from the heart Sue.Loved reading it. Love, Peter xx

Author's Reply:
I am so pleased you read and enjoyed it Peter. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. Sue xx