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Originally published on July 8, 2016 in Poetry

On being a grandmother.

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We'll be safe in the Summerlands
but meanwhile,

I am wracked by the pain
of a world in travail.
Where Dali's melted watches
flank inner vision
with the blank eyes
of daybreak.

Humanity's tortured psyche
wards off the sandman.
But then....

Her little face,
that smiling innocence
pierces the anguish,
enlivens the spirit
and calls me back
from the

~ © Alison Stormwolf ~

© stormwolf (stormwolf on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 36702
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gwirionedd on 08-07-2016
The Reason
That's your granddaughter? Bless her, what a cutie...

Yeah, remember the realness of real human beings at all times. Remember love. Love is real.

You want to keep your loved ones safe. I think Scotland is safe for now. If not, there are plenty of remote islands you can whisk your family away to.

I'm lucky that I only have myself to take care of, which is easier. I'm thinking, maybe one day, of the Falklands...

Author's Reply:
Yes, that's my granddaughter Hollie. I have two others, they have been my greatest joy and it is for them I rage against the machine . Ridicule means nothing.

Yes! Love is everything! It really is and the elites cannot feel it. They know only hatred, death, destruction and decay.

They are ruining the entire globe even although they live here but many are now going to their underground bolt-holes or New Zealand. Half the Gr Barrier reef is now dead from Fukushima though so no escape. The entire Pacific dead.
220 life forms becoming extinct each DAY! Why is ths not front page news? What the hell is wrong with people?

On a spiritual level, love will always keep us safe, even if we lose our lives. (first line of poem 😉 )
Remember that Archie. We are only passing through.
Alison xx

Pronto on 08-07-2016
The Reason
I see by your answer above that you are in despair for the future of the world. Me too. I feel sorry for your beautiful granddaughter as she is the generation that will reap the whirlwind.
Excellent poem Alison.

Author's Reply:
Hi Tony,
Yes, it's so sad to see what the world is looking like now compared to when we were young, There were always problems and trouble but never on the scale we see today. The average person is more interested in their mobile phone and if something happens to somebody, they are more interested in recording it for Facebook than going to help.
It's very depressing.
Thanks for dropping in, much appreciated.
Alison x

Supratik on 09-07-2016
The Reason
Yes why not Alison, that beautifully enlightening smile will call you back from the bottle green depths a myriad times. The poem has an 'ah' element throughout. One of your simpler poems I'd say that best justifies the title. Thank you for sharing this wonderful poem. For your lovely grand-daughter, my blessings. Supratik

Author's Reply:
Your blessings are most gratefully received.
Alison x

cooky on 09-07-2016
The Reason
lets hope the grandkids do a better job than we did. Its good to be reminded that we all have a future.

Author's Reply:
Hiya Cooky!!!

We are continually evolving. Our ancestors left us something to pass on. The children deserve the best we can leave.
Alison x

Mikeverdi on 09-07-2016
The Reason
This is SO you again Alison, I may not always agree with all of your thoughts....but when you write like this you almost convince me 😊
Mike XxX

Author's Reply:
I'll make a believer out of you yet! (or maybe not 😉 )

Thanks so much for your comment
Alison x

pdemitchell on 09-07-2016
The Reason
I like the flash of Dali's painting and I love my grandkids too! Well Howlzed. Mitch

Author's Reply:
Dontcha just love surrealism?
You are a grandad ? Well I never. 😎
It's so much more fun than being a parent but it's so difficult to think what they may have to experience. All blessings come at a price don't they Mitch 😕
Alison x

sweetwater on 10-07-2016
The Reason
We truly are as you say just passing through, I wish those who hold themselves and their evil theories against us all were of the same mind, but when so many are prepared to lose their lives, and sacrifice the lives of their own children in their blindness what hope can we find? That goes against all the laws of nature and I fear we cannot win against it. We can only trust that our children and grandchildren will stay safe. A very strong poem Alison, we can all relate to your worries. Sue x.

Author's Reply:
Yes, Sue.
I feel that I have now written enough about the negativity as it is not in anybody's interests really and only keeps our thoughts on a low vibration.
There is a major spiritual upheaval going on now and so I shall now be trying to keep my thoughts on a lighter level. If we create our realities by like attracting like...then the best thing I can do is to keep focused on the light.
It's a daily struggle but it is very important.
You are totally correct when you say to trust.
Alison x