UKArchive ID: 36544Melting into Green Act Two by stormwolf
Originally published on May 23, 2016 in Poetry

A follow-on from an early poem, stimulated yet again by sitting in my garden. Slightly amended since posting.

 photo From20front20door_zpsxo7rfhir.jpg

View from my front door.

Time recedes, lost in thought,
mesmerised by loud bird-song
and tinkling river.
Merging into blessed harmony
in my green oasis.
Connected to my life blood
even in this city.

The feathered, anxious at first,
have capitulated to my still form
and accepted my offerings.
Little realising the comfort they afford
well out-weighs a few meal worms
and random seeds.

Oh, to simply melt into green...

Surrender the cruelty and ignorance
of a warring world.
slip down between the blades of grass
into the fertile welcoming soil.

My impatience put aside
for now.
I am as near to Heaven as I can attain
this side of transition.

~ © Alison Stormwolf ~
May 2016

Melting into Green Act One

© stormwolf (stormwolf on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 36544
Archived comments for Melting into Green Act Two
sweetwater on 25-05-2016
Melting into Green Act Two
Now why couldn't I have written this stunning piece, those were my thoughts sitting in my garden when I wrote my 'Lazy Weather' a few days ago, but you have caught my thoughts and feelings far better. I loved the photo, I have similar at the back of my garden, except all the greenery climbs up and over a small embankment and we cannot see my own piece of heaven behind. No stream at the back though now. I think my favourite lines are 'Slip down between.....fertile welcoming soil' just perfect. Sue x

Author's Reply:
Hi Sue,
I am glad you liked that bit 😉 I think we share a great love of the natural world and here I am saying that although a part of it I would like to 'become' it. Also an escape from the cruelty that we read about daily. Nature is a great comforter and every day, i simply affiliate myself with it if that makes sense. I will try to post a pic of my bird table. That has been a real success in spite of my cat.
I feel so sorry for youngsters brought up in concrete jungles. It is not the way we were meant to live. I may well end up even more reclusive haha. When I lived in isolation in the country for two years many asked if I was not scared? but the truth was that I felt very cosseted and protected by the trees and wildlife.
Alison xx

Mikeverdi on 25-05-2016
Melting into Green Act Two
Beautiful writing Alison, nice to read your words again.
Mike XxX

Author's Reply:
Well until Sue commented I had about 67 reads and no comments and was in two minds to just delete it ;/
However, I think my record was 120 reads and no comments so a bit to go. Cannot remember which poem that was. Once someone commented then others did. The site sure is in the doldrums.
Thanks for reading and commenting.

Alison x

sweetwater on 25-05-2016
Melting into Green Act Two
Me again, just jumping in on your reply to Mike regarding lack of comments. I was amazed you had no comments, I kept thinking I really must get on the site and leave my comment to you or I shall be at the end of a long queue. I cannot understand the recent apathy, so many members but it always seems to be a regular few that post, and or comment. To my mind it is the very best site I have found, extremely talented and knowledable writers, set publishing days so we are not inundated daily with more submissions than anyone can read, and quality writing. What more can anyone want.

Author's Reply:
Hi Sue,
I have seen the site go very quiet then heat up and often it is over holidays etc. I do feel that some give far more to the site than others and that is their perogative. In life we tend to get back what we put out.

Some very talented writers come and go and it's always great to see them drop back in to keep the standard high. It is difficult not to get demoralised at the apathy. If I read a very obscure poem I may not attempt to comment in case I get it totally wrong and look daft or I may decide to say nothing about a poem some really like, rather than be a damp sqib... but I think on the whole it's good to at least have a stab.
This poem is so simple I cannot think that lack of understanding would lead to low comments but I do know it's been a problem for lots of people in the past (who have confessed to me).
I don't know what the answer is. I have felt I am going off the boil lately both in enthusiasm and also inspiration.
New people joining always helps.
If the site was a person I would say it's needing some CPR lol 😉
Alison x