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Originally published on April 1, 2016 in Poetry    

Dedicated my my sister, very disabled by Lupus, following a dream she shared some years ago. Gifts can often come in dreams.

 photo Nairn20for20UKA_zpsiakglokm.jpg
Moray Firth from Nairn.
"those shores across the firth"

She ran, fleet of foot.

Across the links, down to the dunes,
liberated and exuberant;
heartbeat chiming time
to the church bells of freedom.

And the distant hills called her
as in childhood,
when we played in the sand
and thought those shores across the firth
to be magical at least.

She ran and ran
all the way to waking up....
and the room intruded on her joy
and the nebulizer stood waiting.

But she'd been given a glimpse.

~ © Alison Stormwolf ~ 2011

© stormwolf (stormwolf on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 36393
Archived comments for To Come
Supratik on 01-04-2016
To Come
In view of what happened with your sister, the running part wrenches your heart. Did you read it to her? I wish I had intellectual means of wishing her to be up and about. But I am a fool, so I think I can definitely wish her that. Even if you took away the reference from the poem, it stands as a poem celebrating freedom, in my opinion. An excellent read. Supratik

Author's Reply:
Hi Supratik,
I sent it to her. My family are not very interested in my poetry sadly.
However, I was so moved when she shared this very vivid dream and had to capture it in a poem. You see, to me the dream had great significance. My sister and I have, lets say, slightly different world views....but we both believe in an afterlife. Once we 'shuffle off our mortal coils' we are whole again. So the dream was given to her to remind her who she really is and to encourage her to stay strong. The contrast IS very sad indeed but I feel it was a gift.
Thank you for your genuine good wishes for her.
Alison x

PS thank you also for taking it into favs 😉

Zoya on 01-04-2016
To Come
Dear Alison,
The poem is heartfelt!
I am a Rheumatologist!
Please let me know what medicines your sister is taking?
If you can send her reports, I would like to go through them!
May be I can help and all is not lost!

Author's Reply:
Hi Zoya,
Firstly both my sister and I thank you most sincerely for your offer of help. She says that she has been under so many different consultants and hospitals that she would never be able to get notes plus still under several today as lungs affected. She's also on around 20 meds.
She has finally come to a place or peace.
Thanks again.

Alison xx

franciman on 01-04-2016
To Come
Hi Alison,
There's no substitute for real life experience. Love that doesn't strike a pose - it speaks volumes. And it's great poetry.
Jim x

Author's Reply:
Cheers to you Jim. 😉
I find it so much easier to write if my emotions are engaged. In fact it's the only way I can, Ithink. I've got to feel it to get the flow going so to speak.
Thanks for reading and commenting.

Alison x

Mikeverdi on 02-04-2016
To Come
Love it, it's sad when our family don't 'get' our passion. I hope it's enough that we get you. Keep writing girl.
Mike XxX

Author's Reply:
Thanks Mike

pdemitchell on 03-04-2016
To Come
Beautiful homage to your sister and how the spirit can sometimes transcend travail - breath-taking in more ways, sadly, than one. Howlz. mitch

Author's Reply:
Howlz backatcha
WO x

sweetwater on 03-04-2016
To Come
This holds such beauty, and brings to mind a dream I had almost forty years ago, in it I was with someone I loved deeply then, and love as deeply still, but was as out of reach to me then as he is now. We were together in a town I knew only vaguely from childhood, it was so vivid, we were walking side by side just talking, I could see every detail of the street, the shops, parked bikes, hear the conversations of passer's by, traffic noise, everything. It was such a long and involved dream so completely lucid and logical that I remember every detail to this day, But instead of feeling torn away from it when I awoke, I was elated as if I had been treated to a day from my life in another world, does that make sense? I don't know, but I treasure it as I would if it had truly happend in this one. Perhaps you too had a glimpse of life in another time and place for your sister to come, as you say in the title. I don't think time is straight forward, I see it as weaving around us, holding the future, the past and also different plaine's like a mist. Oops sorry waffling. What I had intended to say was I loved your poem very much.:-) Sue xx

Author's Reply:
Thanks for sharing Sue.
What you describe is a 'lucid dream' where we are in fact, more present and everything is more real than in this reality. It is a special gift and once experienced it can never be forgotten.
You were, in fact, in another world...This dream was actually dreamt by my sister, so I feel she was given a glimpse of what she has to look forward to and give her the courage to keep going.
It was a very heartwarming but conversely tragic dream in a way and moved me deeply, both to hear it recounted and also to recite it too.
Alison xx