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Originally published on March 25, 2016 in Poetry    

For my grandchildren

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Your crucifying innocence
in this dark, pitiless world
reminds me of our true home.
On distant shores
infants such as you
are slaughtered daily.

Let fate fling at us what it may.

Though the years bring
torment or blessing...

We are safe forever
in The Summerlands
laughing and running
hands clasped,
and together,

all the way
to Grandma's House.

(ALL things are born in the realm of thought and at some level remain there)

~ © Alison Stormwolf ~

© stormwolf (stormwolf on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 36370
Archived comments for My Precious Ones.
Supratik on 25-03-2016
My Precious Ones.
I can completely relate with your take on thoughts. Let the world become safe for everyone. Good one as expected. Supratik

Author's Reply:
Thank you Supratik 🙂

Alison x

franciman on 25-03-2016
My Precious Ones.
There's a sad truth at both ends of this piece. The secret of great poetry is that it provokes more than one emotion and does it in a dispassionate kind of way, as it does here.
Great work again, cupcake!
Jim x

Author's Reply:
Many thanks Jim. Much appreciated.
Alison x

Mikeverdi on 25-03-2016
My Precious Ones.
"Let fate fling at us what it may" Well we know about that. Terrific writing, and we'll worth the Nib young Storm. Keep them safe at Grandma's house.

Author's Reply:
Well, he's surely been flinging some stuff at you for a while my friend but you are an overcomer!
Happy Easter.
Alison xx

Gothicman on 25-03-2016
My Precious Ones.
I think we all deep down retain some special place where feelings of comfort and safety can be revived at times of worry and despair, Alison, and the best are coupled to memories of real people known to be reliable for the purpose. I'm sure your home and heart are equal too to the task should the need arise, seeing your younger family just starting out in an even more uncertain and threatening world than we grew up in, it has to be admitted.
So good to see you subbing again with two fine examples of your work! I thought we were dwindling towards nearly zero entries so wrote something quickly and then deleted it when seeing such good work being subbed by so many this week.
Beautifully worded freely written poetry, Alison, and I'm glad this expression of reassurance is about real people, real and available sources of comfort.
Trevor av Lamlash neé Lochranza.

Author's Reply:
Trevor! Fancy you deleting your work! You have the highest readership going and never disappoint. I had heard the subs had fallen through the floor and the trouble is that that will then in turn put people off joining. I think it's good to try to keep things afloat in times of famine so to speak 😉

Yes, my house is always there in Summerland. I stand at the door for eternity. If you want to visit, bring a dram.
HA x

pdemitchell on 25-03-2016
My Precious Ones.
This time the wolf is at Grandma's house for the right reason. Nice to see you back! What Trevor said too! Howlz. Paul

Author's Reply:
haha I never could see the wolf as a baddie you know 😉
Alison x

Pronto on 25-03-2016
My Precious Ones.
Congrats on the nib. Well deserved. I loved everything about this including the picture and the safe haven feel of grand ma's house.

Author's Reply:
Aw thanks Tony. I wish I had had a safe haven like I provide for my grandkids. I am fiercely proud and protective of them and being able to give them memories for their memory banks is one of my major joys.
Alison x

Bozzz on 27-03-2016
My Precious Ones.
With grandchildren now in their thirties and no offspring yet, I am temporarily robbed of the joy of creating new houses of their later dreams. Must make do with my own pro-tem - CrantocK Bay in Cornwall. Sadly most of my dreams are of the poor kids in Greece at the Macedonia border - what they must have to look back upon, the bombing and then the hospitality of mankind in the from of barbed-wire fences. All too awful to think about, but at my age one feels so terribly helpless anyway. But your poem is at the other end of your loving life for your mother and a joy to read if it were not also for the lives of other children. Thank you dear Alison.

Author's Reply:
The suffering of the innocent children could drive us half insane if we let it.
I can only be grateful to be in a postion where I can lavish love on my grandkids. Thank you for reading and commenting David.
Always wishing you well.
Alison xx