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Originally published on January 15, 2016 in Poetry

Meditation on Surrendering the Day.

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How often, the threat of loss
highlights, in stark relief
those things which bring us joy.

The nebulous promise of spring
that hovers, hopeful,
in the periphery of my mind.
Bequeathing faint memories
of virgin grass, dew-soaked
night scented stock.
Nature alive with breathless vigour
and ripening urges.

The warmth of my mother’s hands
reminding me a part still remains
as I surrender her into the netherworld
between the living and the dead.

My gratitude,
embracing dawn at my door
so many dawns, so many doors...
or later, on closing, when indigo falls,
knowing I did my best.

Better to live awake and aware
so nothing is wasted.
My precious times, no longer squandered
as having infinite repeats.

Pruned by circumstance
and having blossomed
from that paring.
Progressed beyond blame
or bitterness.
A certain peace in my soul,
recovered in quietude
from the clamour of a world
in travail.

All is transient in this strange place,
even fear or hate.

In the closing of the eyes
only love matters.

~ © Alison Stormwolf ~ Jan 2016

© stormwolf (stormwolf on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 36089
Archived comments for Closing the Drapes.
Gothicman on 15-01-2016
Closing the Drapes.
Another gem, Alison, beautifully spiritual in its honest wording, but free from precious holiness! From my red-nibbing standpoint, it would have been nibbed for just this distinction which brought higher quality.
Lowland Trev x

A referencing honour that's all mine; I didn't nom it as, without permission, it's essentially personal - T

Author's Reply:
I do rally against being a 'Holy Willie' if at all posible. LT. 😉
I hope I am simple in my expression as I tend to write as I speak. I value your opinion and am very pleased you liked this one.
Highland Alison x

Thank you so much for taking this into favs. I am very delighted. 😄

sweetwater on 15-01-2016
Closing the Drapes.
This is a real stunner Alison, such magical beauty holding real truth. Sue xx

Author's Reply:
Thanks very much, Sue. I do feel that things become more precious if we are at risk of losing them.
Alison xx

Supratik on 16-01-2016
Closing the Drapes.
I love this poem. Absolutely. The poem created a scripted climax in me and I knew it would end like the way it did. Splendid writing. This is literature.

Author's Reply:
Wow, what a lovely comment. Many thanks Supratik.

Alison x

Bozzz on 16-01-2016
Closing the Drapes.
Tragedy without false sentiment is the mark of a great writer.
"In the closing of the eyes
only love matters"
is a thing of beauty in itself. Nature's drapes that for you signify entry to a better place to be.
But where, for goodness sake, are the nibmeisters?
Yours ever, David

Author's Reply:
I think when all is said and done, we are all connected as the family of man. It hurts to see what's happening but all we can do is shine our own wee light where we can. I do try to focus on a bigger picture too.
Alison xx

pommer on 16-01-2016
Closing the Drapes.
This one really touched me.Absolutely brilliant.I can't say anything else.Thank you for sharing. Peter xxx

Author's Reply:
Thank you for reading and 'getting' the poem Peter. Much appreciated.
Alison X 🐾 😜

Pronto on 17-01-2016
Closing the Drapes.
Wow Alison that was really worth the reading. Sweetly romantic without any hint maudlin sentimentality. I can't understand why no nib for this piece.
Thank you,

Author's Reply:
Hi Tony,
I think we all love when a poem gets nibbed but to have people really enjoy it or take it into favs is very rewarding for me. To see that someobody read it and understood exactly what I was feeling or trying to say...and thought that I put it over well...that is just lovely for me.
Thanks for your comment:-)

Alison x

pdemitchell on 24-01-2016
Closing the Drapes.
so many dawns, so many doors...
or later, on closing, when indigo falls...

The best two lines with a lovely rhythm

Author's Reply:
Hi Mitch,
You have an uncanny knack of getting right to the heart of a poem. Those are my fav lines as well for they speak of a long journey, often weary.
Alison x