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Originally published on January 11, 2016 in Poetry    

A heartfelt rant Stormwolf style. “In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand fold in the future." Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

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The pit has opened
and the darkness advances,
repulsive as a seething mass of scorpions
towards the vulnerable pink
of a people with no voice.

Kind intentions soon trampled underfoot
along with misguided ideology.
Politics are putrid and cowardice abounds.
Who will stand up and speak truth?

Power is in the hands
of the criminally insane.
The vacant-souled psychopaths
who care only for their own skins.
While their lackeys take 20 pieces of silver.
Money comes before honour,
the devil take the consequences!

Meanwhile the earth is being
gang raped and spat on
just like the women and the children.
as dissenters are persecuted.

Oh, but this is just a taster
of the horrors to come...

There's a time for everything
under God’s heaven
and the descent into hell has been long
in the planning of festering minds
devoid of humanity.

Many saw it coming but our cries were stifled
by those desperate not to rock the boat.
Betraying our children’s future
and pissing on our forefathers’ sacrifice.

Those keen to be politically correct.
Insipid yes-people with no backbone.
Their moral compass as skewed
as their lack of vision.
Obediant little slaves.

Well the gates of the abyss are now agape.
A terrible cruelty is unleashed.

We have been manipulated, drugged,
mind-controlled, poisoned
and bullied into submission.
Herded like sheep.
Wholesale slaughter in manufactured wars
as elites laugh at our folly
and grow ever richer.

Civilisation destroyed by stealth,
Trojan horses welcomed.
The card up the sleeve,
a satanic army, drunk with barbarism
funded, trained then set loose
by traitors in high places.

A curse on all those who acquiesced!

~ © Alison Stormwolf ~ Jan 2016

© stormwolf (stormwolf on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 36078
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Bozzz on 11-01-2016
The Unleashing
Magnificent - more comment later.

'Lackeys' need attention

In haste, David

Author's Reply:
Hi David,
I wondered who would comment first 😉
Thanks so much for pointing that out.
I was putting the finishing touches to this till 5 am today. I have changed something else but will have to re-record the thing now.
lol Alison x

Gothicman on 11-01-2016
The Unleashing
That's the spirit Alison, Happy Armageddon phase! Well done passive world, you've got the politicians and results you deserve! Good writing! Will also comment more on this soon!
Lowland Trevor x

Author's Reply:
Hi Lowland Trevor!
Happy Armageddon to you. I have Supratik to thank for this, after he remarked on another of my rants and asked for more 😉
This is the first poem I have written for weeks so I had to sit down and ask for the words. Soon I was enveloped in the necessary fury when I think about what is happening by design, with the ordinary person having no say as their countries get invaded.
Soon and I was at boiling point and voila!

Highland Ali xx

sweetwater on 11-01-2016
The Unleashing
Powerful stuff. I've been screaming this at anyone who would listen, no one did, but never as as you have here. It's like a terribly dark satanic nightmare that will never end, at least not happily.
A happy new year seems a lot to hope for, all things considered, but I wish you one anyway so all the very best to you. Sue.xx

Author's Reply:
and the very best to you too dear Sue.
Yes, I think it's the overwhelming sense of frustration that is so demoralising. The sense of helplessness as I witness impotent governments and corrupt crony capitalism. There are faults everywhere and the people in the middle east have suffered greatly and are still suffering greatly but we have been manipulated into all this bloodshed.
However, there is a basic right and wrong and it’s terrifying to see people so devoid of even a modicum of humanity, sawing heads off with small knives, or the widespread raping of woman and children. Meanwhile there is a genocide of Christians going on and yet we never even see anything about it in our prostitute press.
The indoctrination of children so that they are polluted with a level of barbarism that will damage them for life. The total lack of respect for women or even human life.
Some people can switch off and if they don't think about it or it does not affect them or their families, they take the philosophy of "I'm alright Jack!" Well, I am not alright and not afraid to say I am not alright. The level of butchery now almost commonplace has made some inured to the horror and the understanding that it's heading here very soon unless the people get their arses into gear and refuse to believe the propaganda and lies of government.

And so 2016 begins....

Alison xx

Pronto on 12-01-2016
The Unleashing
Wonderful piece saying it as it is what a pity the poisonous politico's don't read the opinions of the silent masses who are seen and not heard (Or at least not listened to.) Political expediency of the moment is all Amen seems to be their guiding light.

Author's Reply:
It's time to change all that. There are many spare lamp-posts for traitors but I fear the horse has bolted. Thanks for reading 🙂
Alison x

pommer on 12-01-2016
The Unleashing
A wonderful description of this terrible world we live in.I have felt like this for many years, but I would never have been able to express these thoughts as apt as you have.Soon after i met my wife we often discussed the political situations of this world,and I did in those days forecast a third terrible conflict between people of so called different faiths.We can no longer have such conversations, but I can see that I was not so far out.What a dreadful world,corrupted by greed and self glory we live in.Where will it end.I fear fro the future generations. Well done Alison,Peter xxx

Author's Reply:
Thank you Peter. I know I am speaking for many.
My father-in-law was Polish and he saw it coming so did my dear old departed dad many years ago. However, we had never bargained for our individual governments to betray their populations they are meant to serve and open the gates to those who have no desire to integrate but do want to cut our heads off. I am so sick of the emotional cosh and gag that makes ANYBODY who dares to call a spade a spade a "racist!" GGGRRRRR Well they can stick that where the sun don't shine!

Those do-gooders are finding out the painful truth as the traitor governments are now telling their people how to dress and to avoid going out at night!!! It’s bloody outrageous! Genuine refugees are one thing but the vast majority are angry young men with a hatred for everything we stand for and an ideology that sees gang rapes of women and children totally acceptable. It's actually part of their MO.
If our heads of state cannot put the safety and welfare of its population first, they should be behind bars awaiting trial for crimes against humanity. We are going the way of Soviet Union with secret courts and people being fined or imprisoned for speaking truth.
Now Russia has woken up and at least Putin does something about it, not drop warning letters to the terrorits before they bomb them!It's going to make what happened in the last war look like a picnic and I wonder where all the bleeding heart liberals will be then when they find themselves enslaved or worse.
Happy New Year nevertheless.
In the last war we had young men fighting other young men of similar humanity behind all the propaganda. Now the enemy is something we have never had to deal with and we are already becoming coarsened by daily reporting's of beheadings, crucifixions and gang rapes.

God help us all.
Alison xx

Gothicman on 12-01-2016
The Unleashing
Hi Alison, you Highland firecracker! Hahahaha!
I'm deleting the quickly composed "The End" now, and wanted to thank you for your comments here before I do. I think after the airborne shit settles like hailstones after hitting the fan, all modern countries will close their borders and defensively contract like amoebas. In Britain, the Royal Pyramid of Power and the New Political Aristocracy (House of Lords will try to recreate a modern Feudal system, but, thankfully, the Peoples of our Nation won't let it happen. Technological development will stop and only be used to grow and distribute and deliver food, and organise essential work-forces to give the Nation its needs. Churches will be used to store corn! All the old Establishment, the Illuminists, will be rounded up and ....... I will retreat to my Anderson Shelter, where I've hoarded loads of corned beef, mountain cake, sardines, matches, and whisky...and try to contact you...out.. crackle, crackle, crackle,...can you hear me?..crackle, crackle...out...
Lowland Trev..waiting for UK Spring xx

Author's Reply:
hahaha did you say corned beef and whiskey?
You tempter, you!
I shall try to remain calm and carry on...
The pendulum has to swing back and the further it is pulled in one direction the stronger shall be the return.
I fear we shall have to endure much before that happy day.

Yes, UK spring lol I'll drink to that!

Highland Ali xx

Bozzz on 12-01-2016
The Unleashing
Yes Alison, ‘The pit is open’ and no guesses needed as to who will be the first to be flung in. It will be us, the innocent unarmed protesters (sorry, terrorists) who write lies, (sorry, the truth) about our betters, (sorry, the lunatics) who have bee been voted into power by the ignorant, (sorry, our fellow human beings).
Yours is the true call to arms for it is about the whole planet and its inhabitants. How we all wish that our house of commons would read us and react – there is no true democracy without that sort of thing. Jeremy is at least right on that issue.
All I can say is to repeat that your plea (I hate the demeaning word ‘rant’) is “magnificent” as a forecast of likely things to come - much to think about and must be preserved – hence my nomination. There are some minor edits which might be offered at a later date – where the 5 am cracks are showing .
Love and admiration…David

Author's Reply:
Hi David,
Yes, ‘divide and conquer' is an elitist strategy that has the whole world up in arms against each other. There will NEVER be peace while those psychos have got a stranglehold on everything from the judiciary to law enforcement, education... the list is endless. The tragedy is that the real RACISTS are the last people anyone thinks of i.e. the ones who make it their intent to encourage differences between nations and instigate discord, fear and suspicion. The VAST majority of people of every nation, colour and creed are just like you and I. They have families and loved ones and only want to live fruitful, peaceful lives. We have been whipped up into a frenzy by design and war is so profitable for that top strata that they cannot allow the vast majority to hold sway.
I know we do not share beliefs regarding the spirit world etc. It has never interfered with our friendship nor ever would. Lowland Trevor the same Smile However, in my world view there is an extra dimension now operating on earth and that is unfettered evil that can inhabit human beings and does.
Then we see the unbridled savagery that is beyond human comprehension. I have written in the past about the mothers in the war torn countries and their terrible loss and suffering so anyone who tries to pin that stupid label of racist on me can take a hike.
I am most touched you nominated this. I doubt very much if it will be considered as too long and controversial but I love you for the action.
As to the 5 am weaknesses? I am all ears.
Thanks again.
Alison xxx

Supratik on 13-01-2016
The Unleashing
Your throw up is hanging like a fruit many people would like to eat. Keep writing on this till your eyes turn in. Bless you Alison.

Author's Reply:
Bless YOU for your standing in solidarity and your vision of the kind of world that many of us are in terminal thirst for.

Alison xx