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One of two Autumn poems posted today. This time of year resurrects many feelings in me. (Woodville was my friend's house growing up and latterly the name of my own house) It was in the large grounds that I developed my life-long love of the natural world. We spent all our time out of doors.

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'Childhood Woodville'

Slipping silently into the third season
uncovers poignant memories
along with shedding leaves.
Long buried remnants of childhood
unearthed lovingly, gently.
Wonder and mystery,
longing for frosty air
and bonfire smoke on the wind.
Total connection to things seemingly gone
but there, still.
Confounding rational thought with
unbridled joy
at the sheer security
of being
an indispensable part
of this incredible
A humble cog
in the cosmic wheel.

Alison Stormwolf
Oct 2015

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UKArchive ID: 35636
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Bozzz on 19-10-2015
Woodville Revisited
A wistful autumn poem. It brought memories to me of my late childhood on a small farm with a magnificent stately Queen Anne house atop an isolated hilltop. Of chasing rabbits with sticks behind the binder, of watching Mush poach pheasants at dusk. Sadly one winter it caught fire and in the thick snow, the fire engines could not get up the hill and it was burned to the ground. The farmer and his wife escaped with nothing but their pyjamas. I found the piece so sharply redolent of my own feelings. Today I cannot bear to revisit the place - today I am told it is just a shabby bungalow. Thank you Alison....David.
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Author's Reply:
Oh David, I understand totally. I have the same feelings about Woodville.It still stands, as it is a listed building but alas the grounds are all bungalows now. I have to walk past it every time I go home to see my mother.
I take comfort in quantum physics and multiverse theory that says that everything still exists exactly as it was in different dimensions and that time is an illusion. So somewhere we are just as we were...doing what we did back then.
When I studied creative visualisation and we were asked to imagine a place in our minds, (real or imaginary,) where we felt safe, secure and happy...I am instantly in the orchard behind the house. I see it so clearly in my inner vision so it still exists.
The strange thing is that even back then, from 4 years old until 14, I was aware that in some strange way that place would never leave me and it never has.
What would we do without our cherished memories? Yes, I believe in investing in my memory I do it daily. I try not to live in the past but as the world becomes darker I do find myself back in the orchard on a regular basis. I think it will maybe be the first thing I see when I pass over 😉
Thank you for sharing.
Alison x

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Corin on 19-10-2015
Woodville Revisited
Yes Alison, there is something very poignant about the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. The Great Wheel is turning and we must all follow where it takes us.



Author's Reply:
Yes indeed old fruit. Who knows where we shall be this time next year the way things are going.
Alison x

Gothicman on 20-10-2015
Woodville Revisited
Situation and place nostalgia, Alison, never fails to humble us, to work well in poetry, this no exception. Unfortunately, we can usually only treasure remnants in the wake of dynamic change, keeps a bigger picture feeling over our lives alive.

Just in this case of reminiscing I would have preferred it if you had kept the poem about real local historical impressions throughout, becomes a bit precious towards the end, but much enjoyed anyway.

Trevor x

Author's Reply:
hi Trevor,
Many thanks for reading and your considered opinion, Much appreciated. I see exactly what you are meaning and agree up to a point too. I maybe veered off from one thing to another too quickly but then I tend to do that in conversation too. It's the way my mind works lol.
To try to explain, I was trying to highlight the security or inner happiness I get from knowing that if something or someone is 'alive' in the mind, then at some point it still exists. They say that nothing in the universe ceases to exist, it simply changes form.
This poem was actually written some years ago and updated due to Autumn and the smell of bonfires always gets to me but the truth is that there are many times I do not feel intensely happy about being part of the universe now. I sometimes wish I did not exist.
My thoughts on the real agenda behind such things as geo-engineering and globalisation forced inoculations etc. etc. make me often feel more like I am inhabiting hell.
I posted it because I needed to capture that feeling again where ‘God is in His heaven all's well with the world' even if that may not be true ;-(
I suppose most of my poems are very personal and maybe I write more for myself than for others I am not sure.
It very much depends on the mood of the moment but all life is about learning and expanding. I seem to be going through a bit of a metamorphoses at the moment and it's not an easy ride.
Thanks again.

Aliosn x

teifii on 21-10-2015
Woodville Revisited
Autumn is my favourite season and it;s just beginning. Your poem is a welcome to it,

Author's Reply:
Thanks for reading Daff
Alison x