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Originally published on October 19, 2015 in Poetry

A certain mellowness. One of two autumn poems today with different slants.

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The year has turned,
webs glitter with hoar frost.
Though not apparent yet, but soon,
dark nights and subtle disquiet.

Visualising dismal pathways
and orange street lights,
sentinels to myriad inner journeys
and veiled reflection.
Silent beacons to some kind of life.
Breath frozen on the ether
and longing.

He never leaves me,

Alison Stormwolf
Oct 2015

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UKArchive ID: 35628
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Bozzz on 19-10-2015
Summers End
Summer synonymous with love and late autumn with its loss – a well-trodden path. But clearly your loss is something deeper – a long relationship. The feeling of “subtle disquiet” says it all. Outside that, angst is the overall tone of the poem. A beautifully expressed piece, Alison. Your David
P.S. Hore? Hoar
Rated 9
PS. Hore? Hoar

Author's Reply:
Firstly David, thank you so much for pointing out the typo. It would make me cringe to think of people reading and seeing it but never saying.
You got it entirely, the meaning of the title and the synonymous meaning as pertaining to life too. Thank you.
Yes, this poem is a very deeply revealing poem even for me. Some people say I am an 'open book'...'too open'..and yes, I am an open person but I always have a side to me that is deeply private. We all need that privacy. This poem comes as close to me expressing that side as I am probably likely to get.
Alison xx

Corin on 19-10-2015
Summers End
This is very beautiful Alison and the picture goes so well with it. I did wonder about the frost references though - I have not seen any here yet but the dew on the webs is very startling. Also I think that frozen breath is very rare, though you do get frozen breath on beards and moustaches in very cold weather. Technically visible breath is supercooled water vapour but then us scientists are so unpoetical:-)


Author's Reply:
Blimey David. If I was not to use poetic licence I would be stymied. I consider seeing your breath as frozen breath. Not sure what you are saying here frankly. In your last poem you had an angel dangling above ground to music haha
Alison X

Gothicman on 20-10-2015
Summers End
Love this one, Alison. Particularly like "Silent beacons to some kind of life" This is more consistent with your usual, and much appreciated, spiritual self, and no doubt with the final lines, your religious self, which is probably evidence of a permanent, personal commitment to your beliefs: "Breath frozen on the ether" is a good metaphor for "permanent life". Worthy of a nib? You're back on form!
Trevor x

Author's Reply:
hurrayyy 😉

Glad you liked it. You have actually read it on another level which is totally congruent too Trevor.
I am viewing the fading year in sync with my life and saying that summer is past. Autumn is full of meaning for me when I take stock of my life and all that has transpired on the road so far.
The poem speaks of walking on forward to a life that is not as I had hoped and reminiscing about someone I loved very much.
breath frozen on the imprint of my being here...the last lines are true in both instances.
It is in the time of what is always a trial for me as the light fades, that I not only think back but have to call on my resources of the more spiritual nature to see me through.
BTW just bought my SAD light the other day. Boy it's bright. Let's hope it works
Alison x

Corin on 20-10-2015
Summers End
Alright then Alison, seeing as how it is you, I will allow you some metaphorical ice, but beware metaphorical ice can freeze your balls off:-)



Author's Reply:
I dont have balls David. Only metaphorical ones but they are huge!

Alison x

Gothicman on 20-10-2015
Summers End
Oh I'm so glad it is about someone mortally real and special, much prefer real relationships remembered, got thrown by the "He" with capital H, but unavoidable with the word starting the sentence. I love Autumn, went for a long leisurely walk around local forest and lakes today, so tranquil and peaceful, nostalgic odours, and uncanny almost surreal light, beautiful colours, it's still 10c day/2c night and very dry, so fine Autumn feeling. The migratory birds are gathering and chatting, the skies becoming one big departure lounge! All leaving me to face the Winter! That RAS-arousal light should help keep moods in sync with a balanced impressions-input, in better rational control of emotional couplings. Try and get out in midday daylight too, it is only an extra aid to the real source of the life-giving sun, even on dull days. When out walking try to be "perception steered" i.e taking in impressions from the external world as much as possible, less "data-steered" i.e inner thinking, which unfortunately is taking over more and more with today's lifestyles. Observe tree shapes, architecture, and sky formations, be aware of smells, listen to far off birds etc etc. not easy, needs practice, the brain absolutely loves perception-steered memory interaction, its primal adapted function, after only seconds we usually wander back in to inner thoughts, even when in serene surroundings. It's used to retake control over thinking processes when compromised by compulsive or obsessive thoughts. Its use though, a good exercise for us all, more effective than passive meditation.

Trevor x

Author's Reply:
Thanks Trevor, are you talking of mindfulness? I will certainly give it a try. I am out even for brief periods at some point but live near the Botanical gardens so maybe that will help. I have an ambivalent feeling about Autumn. I love it and all the colours but the sadness that comes can be overwhelming.
When I see the birds leaving...well, I wish I was a bird.

Alison x