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Originally published on October 16, 2015 in Poetry    

Crit welcome but would prefer not to enter into discussion about my beliefs which are personal and very precious. Just for the record I am not bi-polar or Catholic, although this poem may suggest that.

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Life has always been duality personified
for me.
A double-edged sword competing with
blessing and curse.
Such strong emotions open up the yin/yang
to a painful degree.
From the vantage peak of my ecstasy
I have a clear vision of the pit awaiting.
My ability to experience the magnificent
is also my ticket to hell.
The love that flows unfettered
can transform into a shroud
through circumstance.

Would I have chosen another way?


For my blight has always come with
grace to endure
and my peaks and troughs,
though exhausting,
allow me entry to the heavens and hells
that map human existence, so
I walk in the fullness of being
and authenticity.

Were I not so able to retreat into myself
I could not suffer the foray into the world
now manifesting...
For I seek equilibrium as my medium
and balance as my grounding stone.

In these troubled waters
where the black storm forming
owes more to Hades than nature
and humanity teeters on the verge of catastrophe.
While mad scientists tinker
with the keys to the abyss...

My soul is in a safe place.

Balanced, patient.
The Light.

Alison Stormwolf
Oct 2015

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Supratik on 16-10-2015
Purgatory, with Wings
Indeed it is in a safe place. Marvellous use of words that leads you to discover equanimity. In sanskrit, the word is called 'santolan'. The light is definitely on your way.

I could read a melange of Pascal (the mid-way, the safe way) and existential thoughts. Sartre differentiates authenticity from wisdom in that while the former has to be earned at every single situation, wisdom once earned, stays.
Your poem has both. A quiet tone of wisdom
"My ability to experience the magnificent
is also my ticket to hell"
and a wise wonder towards authenticity
"Balanced, patient.
The Light"
Let me know, if I went wrong anywhere in understanding the poem. For me, reading it was an experience.

P.S ---ha ha ha!!!! O I missed the intro, and had to come back!!! True, true, true ๐Ÿ™‚

Author's Reply:
Dear Supratik
A wonderful understanding and comment. Thanks so much for taking the time. 😜
Alison x

Mikeverdi on 16-10-2015
Purgatory, with Wings
This is you in explanation mode, opening just enough to show a little glimpse of where the wonderful words come from. Beautifully phrased.
Mike xxx

Author's Reply:
Thanks so much for your encouraging appraisal Mike. I am just getting back into my stride writing poetry after being in the doldrums for a prolonged period of time for me.
I try to always get in touch with my feelings before writing and sometimes it's more introspective and sometimes more of a rant that helps me let off steam.
I think next poem will be a rant! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Alison x

Bozzz on 16-10-2015
Purgatory, with Wings
Yes Alison, the peaks and troughs have been the making of you and brought the spirit of survival that is your strength. But where on earth did your immense power with words and beautiful phraseology come from? You obviously read a lot, but surely there has been study and a background that helped! Whatever, we all love your work.
.....your David

Author's Reply:
You have no idea how much I value your lovely comments David.
When I first started writing, the poems would come almost uncontrolled, as though I had unlocked a blockage somewhere. These days they are less so and I have to ask for inspiration many times.
I am a typical Gemini with a grasshopper mind, so I can confess that one life is not enough to discover all I wanted to learn.
I have gone to so many classes and studied so many different things I have lost count, everything from dream analyses to reading Hieroglyphics. Witchcraft in early Scotland to exploring the dark history of Scotland. Then there are alternative religions and various alternative avenues of healing from Shamanism to crystals.
I could chose from so many things I would have liked to have done career wise but back then I was considered a dreamer and flibbertigibbet in school ha ha. I guess that assumption was quite accurate as I have maintained the momentum till now lol
Alison xx

Gothicman on 18-10-2015
Purgatory, with Wings
This is Yin/Yang spirituality at its best, Alison,
something none of us can escape from in this modern world of such strong contrasts of positives and negatives. We raise our hands in sheer joy and satisfaction one minute and then wring them with sorrow and sadness the next, especially now with instant global news at our fingertips. The strong contrasts of good and evil in the outside world send our emotions swinging to and fro, not by love and hate, which would be exhilarating, but by joy and hope against fear and sadness, unlike bipolar problems within us, here our psyches are functioning how they should, but we cannot seem to be able to change those unfair and ridiculous contrasts that exist in the outside world that bombard us from wherever and whence we look, those that exhaust the rational mind. One natural life each, all of equal worth, need it be more complicated than this? Love your cultural richness in your writings with an emotional rather than a pragmatic approach. The world of human experience and communication would be much bleaker and demystified without it.
Trevor x

Author's Reply:
What a depth of understanding you have of my writing Trevor. Thanks for reading and your comment, much appreciated.
If truth be known, when I look around at the injustice and suffering it sometimes makes me feel we do not have to worry about heaven or hell's existence as it's here already for many.

Alison x

pommer on 18-10-2015
Purgatory, with Wings
Yes Alison, I can see where your immense knowledge of words and our so disturbed world come from.Thank you for posting this excellent contribution. Great as always.I don't always get round to reading all contributions these days.Best wishes, Peter xxx

Author's Reply:
Bless you Peter, I read and post as and when I have the energy.
I am sure I have missed some great work through not feeling up to it. When in the mood I try to compensate ๐Ÿ˜‰
Alison x