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Originally published on October 5, 2015 in Poetry

An old one taken out and reworked to get me back in the swing of things. Could have been titled 'Hell hath no fury' and all that A stormy poem from Storm 😉

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Don’t talk to me in your thunder.

For within that rage is given
a key to my release;
And I will dance away
on gunpowder clouds,
leaving you shouting
at a blank horizon.

Likewise, save your rainy tears;

For though they moved me
more than once
I now allow no watery dissolution
to dissipate the truth of my
dry walls.

Plunged into deepest winter;

Bleak days of frozen emotions
and frigid bed,
became preferable to the thaw of spring
and painful reminder
of the sand through my hour glass.

The summer escaped me.

I chanced upon it briefly
scried in Obsidian mirror
before even that cracked,
then disintegrated
in the heat
of our

Alison Stormwolf
circa 2002

© stormwolf (stormwolf on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 35556
Archived comments for Reflections through my Weather Vane
Supratik on 05-10-2015
Reflections through my Weather Vane
I was in my mind trying to picture the smoking mirror when it had to appear in the last stanza! I was thrilled. The tone of the poem, albeit stormy, is quiet and firm. It is time we had this determination to look at the manufactured midday sun, if not change, and recognise it as one through the seasons. I haven't seen the earlier version, but this one is excellent.


Author's Reply:
Hi Supratik
I really appreciate you reading and understanding the poem so well.
Alison x

Corin on 05-10-2015
Reflections through my Weather Vane
Hell hath no fury like Alison Stormwolf scorned - as I know only too well!-)

Author's Reply:
GOOD ONE David! lol

Alison xxx

gwirionedd on 05-10-2015
Reflections through my Weather Vane
For "tears", perhaps you mean "rain"...?

Author's Reply:
Hi Archie, Yes, in keeping with the weather theme, how does 'rainy tears' sound?
Alison x

gwirionedd on 06-10-2015
Reflections through my Weather Vane
I like it... Yes, I think you should keep the metaphors going (but not overdo them).

Archie x

Author's Reply:
I'll try...but moderation was never my forte ;-(

Alison x

pommer on 06-10-2015
Reflections through my Weather Vane
I like it Alison,I particularly like the last stanza.A very good poem Peter xx

Author's Reply:
Thank you Peter.
Alison x

Bozzz on 07-10-2015
Reflections through my Weather Vane
Dear Alison, I am not into cracked mirrors, but you have written a cracking poem. To me it has the clear tone of a disappointing love affair of which perhaps the midday sun was an ill-advised momentary consummation?. Any time you need your misfortune read ! Your David

Author's Reply:
Yes, David, got it in one :-)..
This poem was about breaking out of manipulation. I was once cowed into submission by shouting or made to feel guilty by tears etc.
I have to say that I have had wonderful times with wonderful men but I will never stand for dishonesty in anything and so I have high standeards. I am not a man hating feminist though...anything but.

I love men actually, really like them as a species..prefer them to women if the truth be known. I took the philosophy that if you attract a certain kind of man it is because that is the signal you put out, so decided to work on self empowerment instead and that has led to a level of independance that I cherish. I also look on past loves with warm affection for every one taught me something.
Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.
I am not a huge follower of numerology but my soul number is 'one' which means that I am a natural leader and my life lesson was independance.
I sure have learnt that lesson well.

Alison xx

gwirionedd on 08-10-2015
Reflections through my Weather Vane
Yeah, moderation isn't mine either... ha ha ha...

Author's Reply:
Life is too short to be sensible!

Gothicman on 09-10-2015
Reflections through my Weather Vane
Like you, Alison, I've enjoyed many summers, and run for cover and personal protection during an unexpected cloudburst! I'm masochistically attracted to dark broody storms and gale force winds, some of those women were real vixens! Damn! I've blown the metaphor I was trying so hard to maintain! Hahaha! You prefer Highland lads tossing their cabers, I like wild Nairn lasses tossing their hair back!
Superb word-crafted poem with strong voice, love the style.
Lowland Trevor x

Author's Reply:
Why thank you Lowland Trevor. I must confess my love of storms. I love passion and intensity in all things and storms are incredibly passionate are they not?
As for the highlanders tossing their cabers...I would not be wanting them to go depleting all their energy first! lol 😉
Highland Ali x