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Originally published on October 2, 2015 in Poetry

Dedicated to two special men. David (Bozz) and Mike (Verdie) to say I am with them in their struggles. Update Hell, let's push the boat out! Dedicated to the whole damn lot of us! 😉

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‘It takes a long time to grow an old friend’

I'll second that...
but wish to enlarge the concept.
For I have found that serendipity
brings me ‘old friends’
I have only just met.

Those whose welfare becomes of import
and whose leaving would
render me staring into emptiness,
enwrapped in shadows
for the want of their words
the richness of our bond.

Hoping their courage is infectious
and that I may have no immunity.

Deep friendship is not always borne through years
but at times through soul connection,
shared ideals, or maybe
total opposites meeting on a middle line
through unconditional positive regard.

That spark that transforms the heart
into loving concern.
Needs no milestone on life’s highway.
Once ignited, it stays,

Let's raise a glass
Love is always the answer.

Alison Stormwolf Oct 2015

© stormwolf (stormwolf on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 35536
Archived comments for Here's Tae Us, Wha's Like Us
Mikeverdi on 02-10-2015
Heres Tae Us, Whas Like Us
That's a very nice thing to say and do, let's not forget you were my inspiration when first I reached here. Thanks for caring.
Mike XxX
ps. And now for the critique 😂😄😊

Author's Reply:
My pleasure;-)
Plus, it allowed me to overcome the nearest thing I have ever had to writer's block.
Take care of your precious self.
Alison xxx

Bozzz on 02-10-2015
Heres Tae Us, Whas Like Us
I am so glad, Alison, my caring muse and support, to see you back on line. I must first thank you for your kind and considerate words about Mike and myself. But truth may not be well known - that you are in no small measure suffering the same long term severe pain penalties as myself, so yes, glasses must be raised with you included in our collective loving thoughts – indeed for all those in UKA who face such problems.

Of the poem? Well the words and thoughts put your nibworthy skill beyond doubt as of the very best among us - and the wide world too. But please, where is that book.
As ever, your friend, David

Author's Reply:
I would raise my glass for so many wonderful souls on UKA.
Many wrestle with their own issues, that I do know. You get to know people quite well when you read their poetry for starters.
I have missed being on the go.

Alison xxx

sweetwater on 03-10-2015
Heres Tae Us, Whas Like Us
Great to see you again, I've missed your posts. I agree wholeheartedly with your thoughts, so beautifully expressed. If you feel a connection with someone it matters not whether you see them face to face or just through mutual interests in places such as these.

Author's Reply:
Hi Sue,
Thanks for dropping in. I have missed contributing or reading but for some time I have been pre-occupied, exhausted, demoralised or all of the above.
I should really try to do a little at a time then it would not seem to be so overwhelming as it can be.
I have met many people I have got to know online through poetry and can honeslty say that every one was just as I had thought. Many, not all, let the barriers down when writing poetry and so I believe we get to know people quite deeply through that alone.
It has always been a source of interest and reward to me.
Alison x

pommer on 03-10-2015
Heres Tae Us, Whas Like Us
Hi Alison,
It is so lovely to see you back again, and I can only agree with everything you have expressed in this poem. I too have met so many people this way, and I regard them all as friends.I am sorry to hear about your problems,but please do not despair.I have been through it myself,and I still have problems as a full time carer, but I want to share my good news with you and others,I attended Haematology again yesterday and I was told by my consultant that he did not require to see me anymore, as my Lymphoma has now completely disappeared.What a relief for Edna and me. I tried hard to keep up over the last seven years since diagnosis,and I never gave up completely.So it seems there is always hope the last item left in Pandora's box.Be lucky, with best wishes Peter.

Author's Reply:
Hi Peter,
That is wonderful news! I am so glad for you. Just goes to show! Everyone has their cross to carry.
We do get to care for one another and wishing you all the best.

Alison x

Gothicman on 04-10-2015
Heres Tae Us, Whas Like Us
Fine, heartfelt, respectful sentiments to kindred spirits who so apply deserve them, Alison. As Lamartine said: "Common sufferings are far stronger links
than common joys". I hope you've freed up your mind with this inspired topic in fine writing, that you've become more your usual fluid self, as I think you need this form of catharsis that lightens the burden. It's good too that there's some health and happiness in the world! Though difficult to appreciate when depressed, in low spirits, or suffering discomfort or pain. Get out in the midday light, Alison, the days are shortening fast now. Good to see your name on new freely-written submissions again.
Trevor x
(returned wanderer for Winter storage!)

Author's Reply:
Hi Trevor!
Great to see you so to speak.

"Get out in the midday light, Alison, the days are shortening fast now."

Absolutely! Thank you for the timely reminder. This year I promised myself a mood lamp for my SAD that gets more severe every year. My son suffers too.If I start now I may not descend into the depths of hell (she said in typical drama queen style ;-))
By the time I get to the winter solstice on the 21st Dec I am like a walking zombie. I do love Autumn though with it's poignant memories of childhood bonfires and the mellow feelings in sync with the autumn of my earth walk.

Hmmm maybe a poem coming on. lol

Alison x