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Originally published on June 29, 2015 in Poetry    

A philosophical poem which came on reflection to me today. The world is abhorrent to me now.

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I am only passing through...

So this knot around my heart
must be cherished.
Were we not to love so fully
we would never suffer
as we do.

The clock on the wall
hangs heavy
in keeping with this ponderous weight
of fierce attachment
to people, places
and times.

Seconds, minutes and hours
child, girl to crone-hood.
Who can halt the chiming of the hour?

I am full as an over-ripe fruit,
my cup overwhelmed
and my basket is replete.
This life has chastened, humbled
and hollowed me out.

I have depth..

Oh! But the little ones!

I am as a faceted stone.
Surely fully fashioned?
So choose, now, to loosen the bonds
of tenure
In nightly commune with inky stillness,
by sacred silence, at zero point
between inhalation and exhalation
I give thanks

and summon courage.

Alison Stormwolf
June 2015

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UKArchive ID: 35106
Archived comments for Transition
gwirionedd on 29-06-2015
Why is the world abhorrent to you now? I don't get a feeling of that from this poem. I get the feeling that life has become empty, has "hollowed you out", but that's a different thing to active abhorrence...

Author's Reply:
Hello there,
Thanks for reading and commenting. I wondered about the use of the word abhorrent in the 'about' part of the poem but I try to write from a place of honesty in the moment and at the moment of writing the world did indeed seem abhorrent to me.
The poem speaks of a great fatigue and sadness coupled with the pain of loving so many things as I do.
I did not really mean to suggest emptiness by talking of being hollowed out....more that I have been hollowed out to be overfilled with something deeper.
I hope that explains things. I realised the use of the word abhorrent was very bold but we are witnessing such unbridled savagery akin to the dark ages, juxtaposed with modern technology and a seeming dearth of humanity that I am choosing to disengage or " loosen the bonds of tenure"
Always good to say what you don't get about a poem.
Alison x

franciman on 29-06-2015
From a dark place, Alison? The beauty is in the indomitable spirit of the poet and the zero point dialogue. God, hark at me! You're not two-faced, you're multi-facetted, and that's the joy, old girl. Sorry - crone!
Jim x

Author's Reply:
Crone-hood has its compensations Jim.....err they are there somewhere! ...oh well
Delighted you understood the zero point dialogue. You really do read me so well. This was written when one facet was feeling the pain and disgust of a world that has morphed into something I never dreamt it would in my childhood and the overwhelming sorrow for my grandchildren.
The other facets manage to blend in and pretend everything in the garden is rosy haha cannot go scaring the natives
Thanks very much if it was your good self who nominated this!
Alison xx

chant_z on 29-06-2015
Hmm. There is a tension here, a dialectic?(and a brief touch of something Nietzsche conjured up). Great!

Author's Reply:
Many thanks Frederick. I hope you are well. I am a bit behind in my reading so trying to catch up. I did not expect to be writing poetry either but never let a good bit of melancholy get in the way of the Muse.
Maybe if I just say " bugger everything" my mood may lighten 😎
Alison x

Slovitt on 30-06-2015
Alison: you are a passionate Scot. Swep

Author's Reply:
Guilty as charged! (or as sin ) 😉
Alison xx

Gothicman on 01-07-2015
Beautifully written and with insightful messaging, Alison. Speaks well of heavy fullness, of reaching limits of tolerance; a resignation through frustration rather than tiredness. This is a problem for us as we age, wiseness increases, but the will to fight decreases as the finiteness of our own living becomes clearer, as contemporaries, travelling soulmates, fall away. Your poetry style is always well-measured, economical, and strongly messaged; not a hard-earned achievement, but more a natural leaning I would presume. The poetry much enjoyed, the content empathised with. Great writing.
Trevor x

Author's Reply:
Thanks very much Trevor. My poems come very suddenly usually and from a very deep place often. I many times think they are messages from my higher self or perhaps the universal unconscious and many times have a message in them for me. This was one such poem. 😀
After posting I have done a lot of thinking and we never ever stop learning. On the contrary, as we age and especially in this time of evolution when ' time' has speeded up, it is a time to me at least of intense learning and growth.
My world view is that we inhabit a multi-dimensional universe and the one we are most aware of is the one we give most attention to.
I now have decided to try to inhabit the one that gives me joy....not the one I see all around that hurts the spirit so much.
Your comments are always so deep and well received.
Alison x

Bozzz on 01-07-2015
Loved the poem. As ever, dear Alison, you are the concious soul searching for a meaning in concise terms. If you are hollowed out, then according to expanding universe theory, I am already vaporised - an old fart as it were - how true!
If I may mention what made me stumble in my outer space were the rather clumsy words 'ponderous weight'-- might not a more poetic equivalent be 'burden'? Yours aye, David

Author's Reply:
Hi David, sorry for late reply. 😛
Thanks also for pointing out the bit that sort of stuck with you. While fully agreeing that 'burden' is neater it is not quite the same in meaning and it was the nuance that mattered to me.
I chose ponderous due to the complexity of the many burdens of caring about so many different things, so it said what I wanted to convey better. Something along the lines of being assailed from different directions if you catch my drift.
Another thing that I am never quite sure of is that sometimes I prefer a word with a certain number of syllables for some reason. This seems strange in non rhyming poetry but many times I shall exchange a word for a shorter or longer word for the reason it just seems to feel better.

I confess the word here that stands out for me is 'overwhelmed'
It jars ever so slightly with me but I was speaking about a play on the old 'cup runeth over' phrase but insinuating that my cup had not just run had been overwhelmed with good and bad so until I think of a better way to put it, I stick with it for now.
its a delightfully rainy day here in Edinburgh. I love days like this if not going anywhere listening to the rain through the heavy tree leaves of summer. Maybe a poem will come.
Love to you.
Alison xxx

Corin on 01-07-2015
Dear Alison - I think that I understand the feelings that you are expressing here. I have often used the phrase, ‘a cruel callous and chaotic world,' especially lately. But even now that I am quite well and enjoying the delights of summer I still recognise the fundamental truth of that description. It is true, I think, that we are the lucky generation. In our youth we had good education no matter how poor your parents were, full employment so that few people of our age were children of unemployed parents. When we left school if you had 5 O levels you got a good job and if you did not you would have to do a 'dead end’ job. Our parents were the great generation, the generation that defeated Hitler and rebuilt the country after the war with no help from the Americans. We inherited all that.
Now what has our generation done with all the advantages that were so hardly fought for.? We have screwed the world up completely. Today is the hottest July day on record. Why?? Because in our greed for 4x4s, cars, more and more roads, houses in the green belt, bigger and better everything, we have polluted the world - initiated terminal global warming and left a hell for our grandchildren to live through! Indeed 'Oh! But the little ones! ‘I cry for them all’

You express it all beautifully as always.



Author's Reply:
Hi David,
Yes, as we have discussed I feel in agreement that our generation seemed to be a kinder, more innocent one and I feel for the truth of today being assailed on every nerve by so many things not of their making and so many difficulties in the techno age while being starved of human empathy in so many ways and replaced by the empty narcissistic world of Facebook and online porn.
I really feel for them but there again from the spiritual side ( and this is where you and I diverge lol) they have come into the world with, to use computer parlance, their software well updated.
They are in many cases very special souls incarnating on earth now. There is a major reboot coming and after that everything will run so much smoother. We just need to get rid of the viruses that have taken over on the top of the pyramid.
Alison xx

sweetwater on 02-07-2015
For me it is the strong phrases you have used that makes this poem so special, it's not straight forward putting all the cards on the table at once, but keeping much of the meaning to yourself or for the readers to uncover.
Sue xx

Author's Reply:
Hi Sue,
Thank you. I think my answer to Trevor explains that so often my poems are sort of difficult to explain but perhaps daydreams put down in poetry form to be unraveled by myself later. I try to not have them too abstract and some are very simple of course.
Sometimes people interpret them differently and that's good too. Why do we write? For me it's to try to take into view things going on in my mind and sometimes to get a message across but some I never post but they too served a purpose.
Alison xx

Mikeverdi on 02-07-2015
Back to your best, I loved it. The rest have said it all.

Author's Reply:
Phew, thanks Mike. I can make this reply short and sweet. It's become a bit of an epic replying to several in one fell swoop! Haha
Alison xx

deadpoet on 03-07-2015
I'm sorry you are feeling this way Alison. Though I think your grandchildren may very well see the world with brighter and different eyes. I am afraid when we get older( us Grans) that we forget what it is like to be a child- The world is a bad place for us- but let the kids have their innocence. It'll be all right. They can fight too!
A brilliant piece of work as usual.
Pia xx

Author's Reply:
Hi Pia,
finally getting round to answering some comments as some days fatigue takes over from my fibro.
I cannot agree more about letting the kids have their innocence. I have huge respect for the wisdom of childhood and luckily I actually am able to totally be a child again as it never left me really. 😍👍
That is how I am able to see the world through their eyes and want so much to shield them while also trying to do what I can to make the one they inherit better than it's going.
I have done my best to make everything around me be a place of wonder and beauty for my grandkids from the solar fairies in my garden, the butterflies on my walls inside to of course my beautiful crystals. Everywhere they look there is something magical and special. I think they look on Grandma's house and also me as something out of a fairy story.
That's why it sickens me to read of such things as plans to make Peppa Pig have lesbians in it to be 'politically correct'
I would fight like a tigress for the little ones.
I have huge faith in the ability of the generations coming but it's hard to disengage from the facts that we are one step away from nuclear annihilation or that the natural world is dying.

As I said to Trevor above I think, I have decided to try to inhabit the facet of the world that brings me joy and that is my healing and my friends and family. When we are consciously connected to nature it's hard to know our relatives are dying but that is why as the poem says I am choosing to loosen the bonds of tenure....
The last verse says it all really. I am accepting my lot as having been essential and instrumental to being who I now am with the depth I now have.
I am choosing to deepen my connection to the Source nightly and pray I have the wisdom and courage to always do the right thing in the days to come which I feel are going to be very challenging.
Sorry for long winded reply. It's good to be able to explain a poem fully and in many ways it's as much a part of the post as the poem itself.
Alison xx😀