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Originally published on May 15, 2015 in Poetry    

A Mandolin player plus poetic heart = a lethal combination 😉 A naughty little number to balance recent rants.

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Sing me into midnight,
rapt, in firm embrace.
'neath jewelled sky, on damp sheets,
foregoing care for planet's needs
thinking only of our own.

I will be the figurehead
as we float into tomorrow.
Never wooden
I break all the rules.
Kiss me in the darkness
for heaven is around us now.

I have waited a lifetime
to know this highly strung,
mystical music.
Vibrating strings' concerto,
soaring octaves
consummate bliss.

Through glass, the world is frigid
dark and cold...
juxtaposed, this all-seeing room
Is witness to our primal heat
and hard need.

Your fingers rake my hair,
igniting immolation

I cannot even speak
to convict you...

Sing me
into midnight.

~ © Alison Stormwolf ~

© stormwolf (stormwolf on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 34828
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deadpoet on 15-05-2015
The Musician
Beautiful Alison..I think there should be more figureheads on our ships.


Author's Reply:
haha indeed! I think I could be doing with a coat of varnish 😉 Alison xx

Weefatfella on 15-05-2015
The Musician
Ya insatiable messin yie!
Very sensual piece Alison,
which of course is your trademark hen! X
Great feel to this.

Author's Reply:
Thank you Weefats. Ah ken, I'm a right wee hussy so I am 😉
Alison x

Mikeverdi on 15-05-2015
The Musician

Author's Reply:
Alison xx

Gothicman on 16-05-2015
The Musician
Dear Alison!
Sometimes things are just too hard for we lesser mortals to grasp when they're too long and of epic proportions, and it helps to point one in the right direction at the offset, even if it takes a lot work to get it all to sink in, and help both participants in this creative activity to reach satisfying conclusions and shout Eureka in unison! Ooooh, what have I said, always have been a bit of an ass! *brushes hair sideways while tutting in a camp manner*.
Well, good poem, easier than mine to study and inwardly digest apparently!
I think Mike above has succumbed to premature release, he's a real pig when it comes to such matters! Hahahaha!
Keep them coming Alison, Excellent work.
Trevor x

Author's Reply:
Och Trevor! You are a hoot! 😉
Alison x

sweetwater on 17-05-2015
The Musician
Alison, I love this, It is the poem always there in my head waiting for me to write ( acoustic guitar in place of mandolin ) but I have never been able to reach the heights you have found. Well done it is truly stunning. Sue xx

Author's Reply:
Hi Sue,
I am fair tickled pink by your comments:-))) I don't know if it was you but if so, very delighted with nomination too.
Alison xx

stormwolf on 18-05-2015
The Musician


Author's Reply:

Pronto on 20-10-2015
The Musician
Did I see Captain Corelli lurking in the background here? Lovely piece of erotica.

Author's Reply:
He was my Captain Corelli 😉
Alison x