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Originally published on May 8, 2015 in Poetry    

Going over some older unposted poems;-)

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This parting is as bitter sweet
as a new birth following
a recent death.
I've lived them both to know.
And now, I hold
my feelings so close
as to almost suffocate the soul in me,
that refuses
to lie down and die.

In the scheme of things,
time-lines and such,
I travel back and forth
and so I am both woman and child,
embracing every emotion ever felt.

Sweet, sweet
is the surging of remembrance
when thinking of you.
That same vibrancy and tingling
which will always remain, echoing.
For I am almost crystalline
in purity of inner structure.

To attribute all to time and place
would somehow betray the power
The passion contained.

That same flow
that surrenders you now
into the vast unknown
with love.

~ © Alison Stormwolf ~


© stormwolf (stormwolf on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 34802
Archived comments for Liberation
e-griff on 08-05-2015
I don't like all your poetry, but ones like this really shine. Good stuff.

Author's Reply:
Thank you Griff. I do have a soft side, much larger than some poems may suggest.
Alison x

deadpoet on 08-05-2015
I am sure you never would fit your whole person into a poem Alison.. but this one definitely has a lot of spirituality, love and is slightly sentimental without being corny And sad with a smile. Lots of lovely lines and descriptions..soul suffocating by feelings. I tend to stand still when that happens to me and find it hard to move on of mY own. It appealed so well to me and I loved the soulful feminity in all the lines. 👍 . pia

Author's Reply:
Thank you so much Pia.
I stopped looking for ratings when I mostly stopped rating others as it was getting too stressful haha I am just happy for someone to get the meaning or feeling in a poem. That is joy enough for me.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Aliosn x

Gothicman on 09-05-2015

Hi Alison,

a fine tribute to other dimensions here. The mystery of processes still unknown to us, still with active influence perhaps after loss of conscious contact with people and things, and too from earlier aspects of our lives. You always succeed in capturing this permeating ethos with well-chosen words and subtle thought-progression; something I have great difficulty with.
Your inner structure of crystalline purity, I believe that.
Fine writing and feels good to read.

Trevor x

Author's Reply:
Thank you for reading it so insightfuly Trevor
Alison x

Nomenklatura on 09-05-2015
I liked this one too. Thoughtful and contained.

Author's Reply:
Thanks for dropping in Ewan
Alison x

Supratik on 10-05-2015
I quite understand when you say the soul refuses to lie down and die, because as far as the belief goes, the soul is eternal; you would have meant the indomitable you that wants to live with love. A fine rendering. I completely understand the woman and child, the images that are constant travellers and lodgers. I loved reading the last two would have come after a lot of work and re-work! A great read! Supratik

Author's Reply:
Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Yes, the soul is eternal but you got what I was saying:-) Alison x