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Proposed new song for a new character in 'Engineering Paradise The Musical'.

Hello folks.

I’m in New Zealand at the moment and during a wet day I started to think about a new song for EP the Musical.

I would like to get a bit of feedback on this attempt, which is both a new song and introduces a new character who will probably have this scene only. All comments and ideas for a melody gratefully received. I got the idea from Lily Brooke’s latest song (about a prostitute) but with shades of ‘My Name is Tallulah’ and one or two of the songs from ‘Cabaret’. Light relief but with a dark edge.

For anyone who doesn't know, Engineering Paradise is a novel set mainly in Belfast in the 1960s and is a love story to the back-drop of the start of the most recent round of 'Troubles' and the switch-over of power from the 'Official' to the 'Provisional' IRA with all the abandonment of ideals and brutalising of the Republican movement that this represented. I am presently trying to turn the basic story into a musical with a lot of help from Roger Wicks and Lily Brooke at Gateshead College, Rick Hayter the London singer/songwriter, and others.

This song would introduce the second act (depending on what shape I finally end up with) and would be staged something along these lines:

Curtain opens on a softly back-lit stage. Night time. It is an army campsite with a camp fire. Minimum of three soldiers (uncertain allegiance) sitting around the fire wearing camouflage jackets, one playing a tune on a mouthorgan. Wide spot beam lights the back of the theatre where a sexily-dressed young girl strolls up the aisle singing to the melody of the mouthorgan and flirting outrageously with male members of the audience, sitting on knees etc. as appropriate. As the song progresses she walks onto stage and takes the hands of two soldiers who slowly walk off with her. Third soldier realises he is getting left behind and hurries off after them.

A Girl Who Gets Around

I‘m a girl who gets around
Every corner of this town
And I know just how to please
These young men from overseas
Or if you’re with the IRA
That is totally okay
For it’s only night-time play
Just a different shade of grey
And I’m a girl who likes to get around

I‘m a girl who gets around
In a very troubled town
Not a Catholic or a Prod
‘Cause I don’t believe in God
Which you may think rather odd

Convent school in sweet Tralee
But the sisters would agree
It just wasn’t right for me
So to here I had to flee
I’m just a girl who likes to get around

I haven’t any politics, don’t cheer for any side
I haven’t any hatred, my heart is open wide
I’m full of love for everyone
In this I take a pride
I’m just a girl who likes to get around

I’m a little like your mother
And a little like a priest,
So tell me what you’ve bottled-up that needs to be released
You can tell the girl that likes to get around

If you’re lonely or unhappy you can always come to me
I can make your burden lighter for a very modest fee
You can tell the girl who likes to get around
Tell the girl who found a way to make her favourite hobby pay
You can tell the girl who likes to get around

© sirat (sirat on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 34312
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sirat on 24-07-2015
A Girl Who Gets Around
As a matter of interest we now have several complete songs on the Soundcloud channel, although this is not yet one of them. What we need most of all at the moment are female singers, preferably young, since the characters in the story are mainly teenagers, to record songs for our 'display case' there.

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