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Originally published on June 13, 2014 in Song Lyrics

As some of you will know I've had this mad idea to try to turn my novel 'Engineering Paradise' into a rock opera. These are my proposed lyrics for a song I want to give to Kieran Gallagher, Danny's auld atheist father. If you can put a tune to it please don't hesitate. 1960s ballad style.

The Engineer’s Song

Engineering solutions are the answer
To the miseries that human kind surround.
You can always find the way to move things forward
If you’ll only keep your feet upon the ground.

You’ve simply got to state the problem clearly
And adopt an analytic frame of mind.
A decision made in haste will cost you dearly
It’s through reason the solutions you will find.

Nature speaks the language of mathematics
And religions are where lazy people hide.
Electronics, laws of motion, hydrostatics
When you’ve quantified things – then you can decide

Is the world the joke of some capricious being
Or the product of inexorable laws?
When it’s innards we have found new ways of seeing
Will we understand its fundamental cause?

Are there reasons underlying every process?
Are there rules that hold the universe in check?
Or are spirits hiding out in every recess?
Has some demon been around to stack the deck?

I see no need of any hidden mover
The world is so much bigger than their god
There’s a universe that’s out there to discover
And I’m the blind man, tapping with his rod.

© sirat (sirat on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 33052
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Mikeverdi on 13-06-2014
The Engineers Song
Once I got a rhythm going this worked well for me, some great lines and thoughts. It could be pruned... but I don't think that's the point of it. There are a lot of things in this writing I can relate too; thanks for posting.

Author's Reply:
Thanks very much Mike. This is one of (I think) four 'anchor' songs fragments of which might recur at different points in the story, and possibly small echoes of the same song from Danny himself as well. I'm in Lanzarote at the moment, working more or less full time on the project.