UKArchive ID: 36293The Plastic Bag by savvi
Originally published on March 4, 2016 in Poetry    


The kettle grumbles loudly
before it settles down,
four floors up my routine steps on,
pressed on quartz for each pulse.

I keep watch in that quiet moment,
leaning on the window sill, arms folded
I slip away and wait, watch the street
even if he makes me late.

“He’s here” I say out loud,
loud enough to clang the jailers key
but there’s only me inside.
Outside the day blows all things east
everyone has to walk at an angle.

You march in polished shoes,
pressed trousers needle
through a forced open raincoat
the button straining as much as your face,
you never see me,
whatever the weather.

I would normally watch all your steps
but today the wind has filled a plastic bag,
it moves like a Chinese dragon
towards my window,
breathing fire into my face.
Then it’s gone and I chase its tail
back towards my morning man.

But you have been watching
the same spiralled dance.
Your gaze puts a hand inside me,
pressing my boiled up blood
it pushes me from the window
then pulls me back
with the same pounding excitement.
I look again,
and you are still there

smiling up at me,
I wave.

© savvi (Savvi on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 36293
Archived comments for The Plastic Bag
Mikeverdi on 04-03-2016
The Plastic Bag
I found this enthralling, beautiful even. I loved it. The idea would never have occurred to me. I'm not going to nit pick, just nominate.

Author's Reply:
Wow Mike thank you very kindly, really appreciate the Nom glad you enjoyed the poem. Keith

pdemitchell on 05-03-2016
The Plastic Bag
I loved "pressed trousers needle / through a forced-open raincoat" a lovely little interaction observed between the curtain-twitcher and the morning man. Paul

Author's Reply:
Many tanks Paul for taking the time to read and comment, very much appreciated.

franciman on 05-03-2016
The Plastic Bag
22 reads for a work as good as this?
A story keenly observed and packed with subtlety. Loved the Plastic Chinese Dragon, and the way the poetry engaged all of my senses. I wanted to applaude when the man looked up!

Author's Reply:
Hi Jim, the reader count has gone up since your post, many thanks for commenting and very happy you enjoyed the poem. Thanks Keith

Gothicman on 06-03-2016
The Plastic Bag
Your proven poetic ability shining through here again, Keith. Always preferred myself the subtle beauty of the telling of everyday events, the simple drama and observable eccentricities of normal living. For me, modern freely written poetry at its best. This already nominated, but I'm nominating your "The Cherry Trees" after hand, as I'm troubled by how too much distraction can affect one's susceptibility to this special type of poetical messaging. Like this, seen now as a beautifully constructed piece.

Author's Reply:
Oh wow thanks very much Trevor and thank you for the kind words I'm really pleased you liked both poems. Much appreciated Keith