UKArchive ID: 36112On a cold and frosty morning by savvi
Originally published on January 22, 2016 in Poetry        


Behave yourself tonight,
and please don’t embarrass us,
she warned.
But five drinks in
I'm tumbling backwards
setting the clock for 17

A non-smoker cadging cigs,
swallowing shot glasses
then another pint,
swapping party anthems
for Springsteen and Motorhead,
I air guitar my way to the
wrong side of another day.

Her gun metal frown
was one step in front
ready to take the head-shot.
My reflection in the bathroom
leaned towards me
and smiled,

I staggered down stairs
two bumped steps at a time.
Hello love, having a gud time?

Get in the car we're going home.

Two miles in
I'm 52 again
snoring in the passenger seat
with a deep frost
approaching from the east.

© savvi (Savvi on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 36112
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stormwolf on 22-01-2016
On a cold and frosty morning
This was hilarious. I think we have all been there. Well, we are only middle-aged once and life is far too short to behave in my book! Very well written.
Alison x

A nom I reckon.

Author's Reply:
Hi Alison sorry I missed your comment and wow, your very kind nom, very much appreciated. Keith

Gothicman on 22-01-2016
On a cold and frosty morning
Yes, this one's got your "high standard" mark on it, Keith, a real slice of life when the need for reality dampeners set in, and much enjoyed.
Best, Trevor

Author's Reply:
Ha yes I agree, thanks Trevor sorry I missed your comment. Best Keth