UKArchive ID: 35852Merry Christmas Everybody by prospero
Originally published on November 23, 2015 in Poetry

Written in the Tyneside Film Theatre watching Naomi Kline’s film of ‘This Changes Everything’ A cynical view of Christmas.

So once again it's Christmas time,
I see it tangled up in rhyme;
I hear it far up in the sky
Twinkling like a star on high.

Yet all the sky seems dark and cold,
Unlike the Christmases of old
And that bright star that proclaimed birth
Has fallen deep beneath the Earth.

No Angels sing in harmony
Whilst shepherds guard sheep sleepily.
Children sleep in unsafe beds
As happy dreams drift through their heads.

They do not feel the fears they should
As danger dawdles though the wood.
Their world seems quite safe and warm
Protecting them from every harm.

Every Christmas slipping past
Brings us closer to the last
Where presents, food and joys are gone
And dreadful screams have replaced song.

Only callous, ruthless men
Will celebrate the old feast then
Whilst all the rest will starve or drown
Before the latest tyrant's crown.

The living will envy the peaceful dead
And wish that they had died instead;
If only they had acted sooner
Instead of dismissing it rumour.

Underneath the coastal flood
Cities lie dissolved in blood;
Desserts spread across the land;
Where crops once grew ther's only sand.

From high above our God looks down
Wearing his immortal crown
And wondering if he really ought
To have acted on that crazy thought?

Fifteen billion years ago
It seemed that only good could flow
Down from his foolish first great move,
But it had only served to prove

If woman cojoined once with man
She would open every box and can
And let into God's paradise
All evils satan could devise.

Though God's son should come down to Earth
And Mary know miraculous birth,
Though Man's rich mind were richly fed
By Krishna, Buddha and Mohammed,

The harm once done can't be reversed.
God surely should have first rehearsed
His ambitious, risky plan
Before creating foolish Man.

Now Christ will have to come again
And walk along this darkling plain
To stop the struggle and the fight
Of ignorant armies in dark night.

© prospero (corin on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 35852
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