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Originally published on June 15, 2015 in Poetry    

Just come back from visiting my daughter and grandson. He is nearly three and absolutely delightful. I wrote this before he was born.

An orange is alive,
Its bright citrus skin
Diffusing terpenes through the quiet room.
The lemon too,
A little bomb of citric acid
Waiting to explode upon some
Dried up tongue
And release the sourness of life.
Coffee pot and cups live the life we give them,
Held in quick hands and
Drained to the dregs.
A new life, a grandchild,
Changes everything.
Now it is my life that is still.

© prospero (corin on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 35013
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deadpoet on 15-06-2015
Still Life With Grandchild
I have a grandchild- he just turned 2. They are lovely little people-grandchildren. Love your poem- can just taste the lemon and smell the citrus scent.

Author's Reply:
Thankyou Pia, Bran is nearly three and he is a wonderful little person:-)




stormwolf on 30-06-2015
Still Life With Grandchild
Beautifully melancholic and deep too.
Being a grandparent rocks!
Lovely to be reading you again and sorry for the delay. Some days the energy is too low for doing more than lounging about like the Lost Cord.
Alison xx

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