UKArchive ID: 36602A Family Man by nemo
Originally published on June 6, 2016 in Poetry        

“Mr Hussein sends his apologies:
things are difficult at work;
he can’t change his shifts anymore
to come to these meetings.”

We shall miss you, Mr Hussein.
Dexterously your chubby brown fingers
wove the fabric of your story,
the magic carpet that has flown us
into the private mosaic of your heart.

Your broken English tumbled from your lips,
gurgled as it ran along the rills,
brought new life to scorched fields –
halving the hurt we’d hawked before you –
while you alone held together the simple home
the monsoon tried to wash away.

Not with them,
for they have broken your windows,
those who also came to England
to find a better life;
cancelled too your daughter’s marriage,
arranged all those years ago;

not even with your wife,
at her respectful distance of ignorance,
can you share your greatest hurt –
not the desert trek from doctor to doctor,
your sickly child in your arms,
not the vulture thermalling the uncertain cure,

but knowing that no one wants to ride her bike,
that she’s lost her friends like
handfuls of pretty hair on the bedroom floor.
No, Mr Hussein, we haven’t forgotten you;
we think we should try to see you again.

© nemo (Nemo on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 36602
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Mikeverdi on 06-06-2016
A Family Man
Stunning, for me a work of great depth, showing your true ability as a great writer. Please accept my Nomination.

Author's Reply:
Thanks for the nom, Mike. Glad you liked it.
Cheers, Gerald

Pronto on 07-06-2016
A Family Man
I, too, like this a great deal the story telling is superbly captivating.

Author's Reply:
Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Pronto.

Regards, Nemo

pdemitchell on 07-06-2016
A Family Man
I second the en-nibmentation. the magic carpet that has flown us /into the private mosaic of your heart. BOOM! Not the vulture thermalling the uncertain cure. Excellent composition. Mitch

Author's Reply:
Many thanks. Mitch.

Regards, Gerald

Supratik on 09-06-2016
A Family Man
Stunning. Flawless.

Author's Reply:
Thanks for liking this, Supratik.