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Originally published on April 1, 2016 in Poetry        

A poem about how it really is on the streets these days

Trickle Down Economics

A darkness shivers on the doorstep of the shop
There but for the graze of God, quiver I
With two ticking hands pointing heavenwards
Not in prayer but in Sumerian division -

Each creaking arthritic sixty is
a bone-chilled flip of the hourglass
as meagre heat bleeds through door gaps
into the thread-bare wrap-about and wool
while cheap cider pokers red blood hacks
thru the ravaged software: the hardly there
the see pee you praying for the off-switch

But comes a shadow darker still:
raked shrill by Eton's echoes
semen drips from dead pigs' heads
as mocking banknote ash motes drift

a zip-rasp tears the night
rise now a wisp of acrid steam

as the one on the one rung up
pisses on the one on the one rung down.

© Paul D.E. Mitchell 2016

© mitch (pdemitchell on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 36391
Archived comments for Trickle Down Economics
Supratik on 01-04-2016
Trickle Down Economics
Powerful start...graze of god is quite striking and something that halts you to think. Yes it is talking about a lot of not-so-attractive things, but I find it disturbingly handsome. Supratik

Author's Reply:
Thank you, my friend - graze rather than grace indicates a glancing blow (or being chewed like grass) rather than basking in the approval of the Powers That Be. Cheers. Mitch

franciman on 01-04-2016
Trickle Down Economics
Hard, harsh and painfully compelling,Paul.
So many of the lines have a brutal, lacerating beauty.
The final four line analogy is breathtaking.
This has to make the anthology.

Author's Reply:
Hi Jim thanks for the kindly nomination. Alas, I have seen this in real life and it reflects what the Mail, Channel Five et al encourange with their scroungers on benfits progams and stories now with fresh added immigrants. Paul aka Mitch (confusing as half the people I know call me Paul and the other half call me Mitch!) There were seven Pauls in my class at school fo it was confusing though Paul Rainbow ended up being called Fluff for some reason so Mitch was not that bad!

stormwolf on 02-04-2016
Trickle Down Economics
BRAVO!!! Well worth the nom though I don't think many are able to really take in the true horror of the system we are under as so many cling despertaly to the normality bias. I have even heard educated people defend the Skull and Bones club and Bohemian Grove where all sorts of demonic and sexual perversions are practiced by the highest in the land in Amnerica!!! (same happens all over)

If people cannot get it through their heads that those people are the very LAST people who should be in control?? well, we are fu**ed to be frank.

Alison x

Author's Reply:
Howly howlz for the ten, Alison! These ritual-laden elite secret societies breed the myth of the 'undeserving poor' like nobody's business. Sadly the media are all under their control espeical the Mail, Sun, Express, Times and Telegraph with endless 'bums on benefits' stories. Control the information, you control the country. Mitch

Mikeverdi on 02-04-2016
Trickle Down Economics
So I take it you don't vote Tory then? 😂😂😂😂 It jumps out of the screen screaming it's message. Well written, and worth all of the accolades.

Author's Reply:
Thanks, Mike! Alas, no, I deal with the reduction in benefits to the mentally ill and the crutelty of the ATOS interviews some of which I attend as advocate leave me completely speechless. One Oxbridge club initiation was to burn a fifty pound note in front of a homeless person etc. Mitch

sweetwater on 03-04-2016
Trickle Down Economics
Wonderfully expressed poem, if only I had the money to help each and every one, I almost dread going into town now as so many poor, poor people are left stranded by this society, and an uncaring, blindfolded government. And as for the ATOS situation, boy have I had to deal with them! Stupid, blind idiots who have no idea, with their rediculous forms from which the true facts are completely ignored. And to whom I am soon going to have to take my begging bowl once again for my small 'handout' of peanuts or should I say 'pips' this time. Great poem, great words well expressed. Sue. xx

Author's Reply:
Same here, Sue. I have been an ATOS advocate on several occasions and seen the sheer callousness first hand. More sickening still is the £120BILLION salted offshore every year through tax scams. Good luck with the cynical snotbags on bonuses at the next interview. In Leeds ATOS office they used to ring a bell every time they drove a disabled person off the top rate of ESA. Bonne chances. Mitch