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Originally published on February 1, 2016 in Poetry        

The angriest poem I have ever written. . The music is deliberately harsh being 'Death Techno'. .

The Face of God gets mad in bars
Small Golem dreams of dolls and cars
Small Golem's ship: it orbits Mars
Small Golem sees fists full of stars
......fists full of stars

That suckled breast is black and blue
Wind fairies grieve a beaten shrew
Small Golem knows it's nothing new
He's found a place where nothing hurts:
A closet full of shoes and shirts

He boards his ship in finite space
Child-pulsar heart spin beats apace
This black hole star hides God's true face
...... hides God's true face

Reach for the sun with hands of clay
"Maeth - Amaeth" he tries to say
He yearns for love but not today
His parchment chars, Small Golem hurts
Sobs muffled by God's shoes and shirts.

(c) 2015 all music, voices,
words and instruments
by Paul D. E. Mitchell
copyright PRS protected

© mitch (pdemitchell on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 36158
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sweetwater on 02-02-2016
Small Golem
Well, I cannot pretend to understang this fascinating poem, but I loved it, so many terrific lines, 'wind faries grieve a beaten shrew' is just one of them. No idea who or what Small Golem is, Hobbit inspired? Brilliant write. Straight into favs. Sue. PS. just listened to the audio, wow! love the Death Techno sound, rather David Bowie'esk I thought. If you considered putting it out on cd you have a customer here. :-))

Author's Reply:
If you go to you can play all 50 tracks! Thanks for the visit. A golem is an animated anthropomorphic being in Jewish Folklore, magically created entirely from inanimate matter. The word was used to mean an amorphous, unformed material (usually out of stone and clay)in Psalms and medieval writing. They were formed and animnated by placing a magic parchment called a shem into the golem's mouth or head. Æmaeth is “truth” in Hebrew and is the word inscribed onto the Shem. The Kabbalist Jews believe that God is the truth and all life comes from that single source. Just one letter apart is maeth, which means “death”. By removing the Latin letter “æ”, “truth” becomes “death” and the Golem falls back onto the ground as lifeless clay once again. The golem is an analogy for a child denied love and indeed a soul by an uncaring and violent father watching dandilion seeds blown on the wind (wind fairies) as the mother is beaten. Sorry to be so graphic but this is a reality for some. Hope this helps. Paul.

stormwolf on 02-02-2016
Small Golem
I remember this one from before. It moves me to tears. One of your finest if not the best. I thought I had it in favs but will take it in again. Allow me to nominate it too.
A heartbreaking and very original portrayal of domestic abuse and the betraying of the innocent trust and loyalty of children. Bloody marvellous writing!

Wolfy one X

Author's Reply:
Thanks O Wolfly One... it was posted some years ago but many of my works change and morph over the years so that they are living things. It changed again when sung aloud and the music came and it changed again. Seen too much of this that fills me me with a dark anger and occasionaly I can use my position as a councillor to make a difference. Howlz! Paul

sweetwater on 02-02-2016
Small Golem
Oh, my gosh, how stupid am I! Just read Stormwolf's comment I had absolutely no idea it was about child violence, so obvious now I know, I can see it in a whole new light now. Heartbreakingly sad.

Author's Reply:
Thanks, Sue. I do write cheerful stuff too! Hugz. Paul

Savvi on 02-02-2016
Small Golem
Very effective and deeply moving words, deserves the mom and the nib well done.

Author's Reply:
Thanks. It is my darkest hour so to speak but like Dylan Thomas I do do dark deftly I do.

Gothicman on 04-02-2016
Small Golem
Yes, always good to protest against domestic violence, but, for me, from my professional window, the poem is dead in water when that cursed brain twister, religion is used as a vehicle to structure the messaging. To me "Small Golem" is too distracting, I keep thinking "Gollum"! Seems to me to be a poem only the chosen few could really understand. But having said that, Paul, the music, your very professional voice, and especially too, the short el-guitar solos are quite brilliant, touch of Bowie about it all, even your voice could be him! So much enjoyed as a protest song, but less I'm afraid as a informative poem.
Best, Trevor

Author's Reply:
Hi Trevor I do take your point: Golem may have inspired Tolkien's Gollum but the God reference is from a child's first drawings of a parent being essentially a giant face 'God' and Golem being a helpless lump of clay moulded by parents where aemaeth 'truth' is lost as the parchment chars at the hands of a cruel parent to become just maeth 'death'. Sorry but I could not thionk of anything stronger in my condemnation. best. Paul

Gothicman on 05-02-2016
Small Golem
Of course, getting the end of their willies cut off will not make them fear parent or God, even if slightly more real than Jewish folklore! Hahahaha! Great music!

Author's Reply:
The unkindest cut of all? Thanks for liking the music! Paul