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Originally published on December 7, 2015 in Poetry        

Another one of those memory things. *apologies to those who may need it.

I recall the words
to a song I once heard
drifting on the winds of chance.

I was standing at the edge of 67’
and the times they were a changing.
A horn blew jazz in a fractured key,
in a smoke filled bar
where no one listened.

Somewhere down the road a piece
It would all mean something.
I would smile, tip my hat to that night
to the memory of that time and place.

In fifty years would anybody care…
The life span of a dream
measured in moments,
held in waiting
by those who gave it life….

until the winds of chance
blow through our lives again.
Play it again Sam.

© mikeverdi (Mikeverdi on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 35928
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gwirionedd on 07-12-2015
Play it Again Sam
"Somewhere down the road a piece"...

What does that phrase actually mean? I've never heard it before except once, I think, on "Only Fools and Horses".

Author's Reply:
For me the phrase means a future time along your path.

sweetwater on 08-12-2015
Play it Again Sam
Loved this Mike, reawakened so many memories, a lot of the references made me rather sad, such a wealth of musicians singing to change the future back then, all full of hope and enthusiasm seeing a much brighter and better world, but all we have left, seemingly are the memories they left behind, and the world is certainly no better and in some aspects even worse. Super write, I think I must pop it into favourites 🙂 Sue xx

Author's Reply:
Thanks for reading and commenting Sue, there is a lot in this as always, pleased you enjoyed it so much. I wrote it to try and understand some thoughts that have been flowing in and out of my head for a while...memories. It's about time spent in Bristol, I think it's going to be a personal favourite of mine for a long time, one I will read HaHa!

Gothicman on 09-12-2015
Play it Again Sam
Fine writing capturing the afterglow of something personally meaningful, Mike. The feelings transpose to the reader well, maintain their freshness, and remind us of similar special situations we all have experienced and kept with us afterwards. That is what life consists of after all, strings of episodes worth remembering, keeping thoughts and accompanying emotions connected. Much enjoyed.

Author's Reply:
Thank you so much for those kind words Trevor, I like your strings of episodes. Pleased you enjoyed it, I think it's one of my own favourites.

franciman on 11-12-2015
Play it Again Sam
You're definitely a child of your time, Mike. You have to read Omar Khayyam. He does this better than you, but not by much. I can see why it's one of your favourites. Mine too.

Author's Reply:
Thought you may like it Jim, thanks for reading it.

stormwolf on 09-03-2016
Play it Again Sam
Touchingly nostalgic and poignant Mike. Well worth the accolades. Another request for the get together.
Hopefully we shall make more memories to tip future hats to down the road apiece.
Alison xxx 👍😈

Author's Reply:
Thanks Alison, as you may have read, it's one of my own favourites. I had a feeling you may like it, consider it on the reading list. 😊
Mike XxX