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Originally published on October 19, 2015 in Poetry

Cheating on the Dylan front here: it's an old one, a pantoum in fact and the title used for inspiration is one of the lines... anyway..

Simple fatal twists turn the cards
and load the dice. How you will
know the outcome beforehand,
only mountebanks can tell.

And load the dice how you will,
there is still blind chance whom
only mountebanks can tell
from the coincidence of opportunity.

There is, still, blind chance, whom
we met on the road to Thebes, fleeing
from the coincidence of opportunity
to the arms of happenstance.

We met on the road to Thebes fleeing
fate and destiny's imperatives
to the arms of happenstance
and the caprice of Olympians.

Fate and destiny's imperatives
take no sides at close quarters
and the caprice of Olympians
does not decide the outcome.

Take no sides at close quarters
keep one eye on him and the knife
does not decide the outcome;
just a simple twist of fate.

© micawber (nomenklatura on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 35653
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gwirionedd on 20-10-2015
Blame It All...
Pantoums are buggers to write, but I think you pull this one off very well. It needs a few reads and some knowledge of Greek antiquity (which I don't have), I expect.

Which is the Dylan line? I'm not a massive fan of his, so I don't know. (I think he's alright).

Author's Reply:
'Blame it all on a

Simple Twist of Fate


teifii on 21-10-2015
Blame It All...
I bet that was tricky to write, I must find out what a pantoum is.

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Andrea on 21-10-2015
Blame It All...
Alas could only find this (not very good) version for you - he's hard to find on YT

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