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Originally published on October 16, 2015 in Poetry

Dylan title for poem inspiration... Some say Dylan and Levy tried to write a song that contained as many rhymes for Mozambique as possible. In fact the song doesn't contain that many. I'm afraid the poem's rhyme scheme is AAAA. If you know Shelter from the Storm, try reciting it to the rhythm.

You left me in a café, my shoulders hunched in pique,
I watched you leaving slowly, your legs so long and sleek,
my tongue was dry and swollen, I could not even speak,
I know that you are gone now, I'll head for Mozambique.

You left me in the summer, your skin was polished teak,
I'll find you in the autumn, before the winter bleak,
you'll live with lost illusions, beside a bitter creek,
and if you've gone already, I'll head for Mozambique.

You'll go to Lourenço Marques, I'll miss you by a week,
I'll ask at the Vila Algarve and be questioned by a Greek,
he'll understand my obsession and your darkly sweet mystique,
and since you're gone already, I'll die in Mozambique.

© micawber (nomenklatura on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 35606
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