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Originally published on July 6, 2015 in Poetry

Wilko Johnson was interviewed in the Times on Sunday: he reckons there's somewhere in the universe where Einstein's on the bins... and maybe there is.

Somewhere, there's a planet
where Einstein's gutting fish,
Hawking is a dustbinman
and Da Vinci's work is pish.

In a chip shop near a comet
just where Elvis used to work,
The King is Rigel's Nigel,
and Dylan's just some berk.

There are planets made of cheddar,
round a giant that is read,
where the body is the brain
that is nourished by the head.

There's a box that has no cat in,
or maybe there's no box
and all the laws of physics
will never start the clocks.

Somewhere, there's a planet
where people make things up,
where maybe there's a poem
and maybe that's enough.

© micawber (nomenklatura on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 35158
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amman on 06-07-2015
Ewan. I could say out of this world or the Hawking reference is rubbish but those are two puns too far. Very clever, droll and just downright enjoyable. Thank you for brightening my day.


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Mikeverdi on 06-07-2015
That bloody cat again, gets in everywhere. Like it Ewan 🙂

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Rab on 06-07-2015
Loved it! Brightened up my day. You should send it to Wilco; I think he'd lie it too...

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gwirionedd on 07-07-2015
Ha ha... Fave story for me...

I think the first verse refers to the universe we're in right now. I'm pretty sure that there are plenty of Einsteins and da Vincis in name-badges and saying "Have a nice day" all round the world, not to mention Elvises serving chips like in the song. I intend to write a poem called "Beethoven in Burger King".

What's "Rigel's Nigel"?

And what do you mean with "a giant that is read"? I can see a pun on "red", but don't get it.

Maybe you should change "dustbinman" to just "binman", in order to make the metre flow better?

R Chi

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deadpoet on 09-07-2015
Great fun- colourful..

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sweetwater on 09-07-2015
Loved this, great fun and also made me think, I bet the poor cat had wished there was a planet with no boxes on it! Sue x

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chant_z on 09-07-2015
Very witty and brilliantly so. Thanks!

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