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Originally published on October 9, 2015 in Poetry        


The weather, unseasonal,
is balmy and soothing;
not a cloud in the sky
to spoil her enjoyment
of the remnants of October.

It is now sundown
and the light is fading
but not enough to hide
the vanishing looks
that the mirror reveals.

She peels off the false lashes,
wipes the rouge from her lips
while her mind still clings
to the memories of youth.

She ruefully realises
there will be fewer times
to relive the passion
she’s experienced till now.

Though her head still clamours
for one more fling
the body bows to the end
of her Indian summer.

© Luigi Pagano 2015

© ionicus (Ionicus on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 35582
Archived comments for Mirror, Mirror...
Nomenklatura on 09-10-2015
Mirror, Mirror...
Well done, Luigi. Time waits for no (wo)man.

Author's Reply:
Indeed Ewan. In fact it doesn't differentiate between genders.

Andrea on 09-10-2015
Mirror, Mirror...
Blimey, reminds me of me, Luigi, but without the slap 🙂

You know what they say...'...the older one gets, the more attractive one was...'

Seriously, great pome...

Author's Reply:
Thanks for the accolade, Andrea. What I say is: once a beauty, always a beauty.
There are still some glamorous grannies around.

Luigi x

ValDohren on 09-10-2015
Mirror, Mirror...
No mention of the comb-overs and beer-bellies then Luigi !!!

Author's Reply:
I wasn't aware that SHE was encumbered by those afflictions as well, Val !!!

ValDohren on 09-10-2015
Mirror, Mirror...
SHE isn't encumbered by the aforementioned afflictions, of course - my point being Luigi, why are women always the subject of old age rather than men !

Author's Reply:
I know perfectly what your point was Val, I was being ironic. My answer was in reference to the fact that the piece was an interpretation of the Indian summer and it isn't easy to associate comb-overs and beer bellies with that topic. I have been critical of men, young an old, several times and have even been self-deprecating in my poetry. I shall search my archives and find some relevant pieces to demonstrate this.
In the meantime rest assured that I am aware that, as Ewan pointed out, time waits for no man - as well as woman.
Best wishes, Luigi.

ValDohren on 10-10-2015
Mirror, Mirror...
SHE isn't encumbered by the aforementioned afflictions, of course - my point being Luigi, why are women always the subject of old age rather than men !

Author's Reply:

Bozzz on 10-10-2015
Mirror, Mirror...
Bravo friend, but what with all this feminist/antifeminist stuff about there is no hope for the past it of either sex - or walking dead like me. Nothing left to pull out save hearing aids, false teeth, spectacles, nose hairs - sans everything. Please move up 30 years and have another go, Luigi Regards...David

Author's Reply:
But don't we delude ourselves that "there is life in the old dog yet?"
In another 30 years I shall be 110!
Cheers, Luigi

sweetwater on 10-10-2015
Mirror, Mirror...
It's an annoying fact ( for most of us ladies ) that as the year ages it gets more beautiful, even the so called 'dead' of winter still carries it's own type of loveliness, although I think this can be the same for many 'older' ladies. But I really felt the the sadness of the woman in your poem. I think it sums up the dreaded realisation that youth has really gone and nothing can ever be as good, but one's spirit still longs to Rock with the rest, well mine does anyway! Sue.

Author's Reply:
Yes Sue. It is true that all of us, men and women, would wish to maintain the looks and vitality of our younger selves despite the inexorable march of time. Some people are fitter than others and even in old age can remain active longer. Whatever the situation is, one must face reality.

Luigi x

shadow on 11-10-2015
Mirror, Mirror...
Reality? Who needs it, when we have Photoshop? I'm all for eternal youth. Now, where's the botox . . .

Author's Reply:
An alternative would be the portrait of Doriaan Gray.

gwirionedd on 11-10-2015
Mirror, Mirror...
Wow, this is brilliant, Luigi!

If you don't mind me saying so, I think that you write much better when you don't rhyme. I think that rhyme constricts you too much. (Your gargantuan attempt at a five-stanza Chant Royal is an extreme example of this).

This poem, on the other hand, is possibly the best thing I have read from you. Please do keep it up! A well-deserved nomination indeed.

The Autumn years of life, eh? They await us all......

Author's Reply:
Thanks for your kind assessment and for picking this as a 'hot' story, Archie. I find rhyming very easy and don't find it constricting but perhaps the readers might find a bit forced.
My poetry is predominantly in that form but I also experiment in blank verse.
Best wishes, Luigi