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Originally published on January 18, 2016 in Poetry        

still at large from Isis, Daesh, Mossad, CIA, Salvation Army, et al.!

Later, if they met him,
armed, or in sufficient numbers,
those predestined with
divine paranoia in infancy,
unwittingly or by deliberate design,
might feel the need to kill him,
silence, convert, or rebuke him,
for having the good fortune
of retaining an unpolluted mind,
one capable of challenging
belief-system credibility.

For, spared from this indelible insult,
he's able to reach rational conclusions
about natural and supernatural phenomena
that differ from their own,
and they don't like it, this freedom of choice,
this unconditional assessment of evidence
from the age of reason.

In cyberspace,
the worst they can do is ignore him.
But, the intellectual dilemma
their minds subconsciously struggle with,
to support the religious self they've been given,
or suppress what's illogical, and psychically die,

this inherent weakness of their objectivity,
of their intolerance, their inability to reassess,
is equally exposed.

Unpartitioned by static imbecility,
an unadulterated mind still wholly altruistic,
they won't find him in musty temples
dedicated to delusional primogenitors,
paying lip service to their elitist successors,
praying for some personal god
to corrupt evolutionary laws by divine intervention,
but, in respecting democratic Nature,
wandering along freely-chosen paths,
seeking mutual help on difficult stretches,
helping Mankind intelligently adapt,
till he himself too,
hopefully from natural causes,
becomes eco-friendly dust.

They call him The Civilised One.
Seeing him pass from afar,
I would wish him well.


© gothicman (Gothicman on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 36104
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ifyouplease on 18-01-2016
The Marked Man

Author's Reply:
Thank you IYP, honoured by your praise and making it a favourite. Sorry for the delay in replying, I've was snowed out from Göteborg for some time!
Best, Goth.

Pronto on 18-01-2016
The Marked Man
Absolutely brilliant mate and I don't use the word lightly. As well as the religious zealots those who want to tear down statues off former colonialists could learn much from an open minded read of this piece. (But alas they won't)
Glad I read it and wish I'd written it!

Author's Reply:
Thank you, Pronto, it was twice as long at first, cut it down to essentials and pleased with the overall messaging now. Yes, just look at the horrible fate of Rhodesia as one example, where I trained for a month many moons ago. What a total jerk Mugabe is, a rich successful economy reduced to criminal political gangs and primitive chaos. Militant Islamisation out of tame Christianity, out of the frying pan into the fire! And the Africans are mostly such beautiful and fun-loving people.

Bozzz on 19-01-2016
The Marked Man
Philosophers will say that creating the impossible being is an illusion, others that mothers of unborn children create your untainted one every day. The first few minutes after birth may be devoid of the bias you seek; sadly the rest of life is polluted by experience = bias. Of the poem, it is a revelation to be celebrated for its concept and its brilliant portrayal of the sources of pollution of human minds and the wickedness of purpose that lies behind them. Bravo, I say....David

Author's Reply:
Thank you, David. I know as a model civilsed man, like me lucky enough to be spared that archaic burden, you are well aware of what I'm saying. If anyone wants to see the glaring effects of indoctrination in a young mind, fully occupied with forming a durable, core-identity with which to (obligatorily) interpret and influence all moral belief and even political issues thereafter, look at that prison hell that is North Korea; but unfortunately there are many more States that imprint more than the essential social ethics in their young. The Jewish community are another cursed example of early, primitive identity-damage, which has brought them much suffering and self-searching to those afflicted. Yes, predestined bias, a mental straightjacket for a lifetime. Sparing young children from falseness/damage of religion is the only way to save the world from itself. Thanks again, David.

jay12 on 19-01-2016
The Marked Man
This is superb. Loved it.

Author's Reply:
Thank you jay12, glad it said something worth reading; you're an old member with a long pedigree (actress said to the bishop!) Good to see your name again.

Gothicman on 21-01-2016
The Marked Man
Many thanks to whoever nominated this work, totally chuffed! It may though, not be included in the votable list when voting time comes round as it's doesn't appear under poetry or prose, only under all nominations?

Author's Reply:

stormwolf on 22-01-2016
The Marked Man
A real beauty if I may say so. Well deserving of the accolades given. Ask Andrea about the problem as I am not sure what to suggest. She's away this weekend though.
If I started on about the philosophy etc I may well be here until midday with a blood pressure through the roof so I will stick at well done!
Alison x

Author's Reply:
Thank you, HA,
well, perhaps it's not a problem. Yes, EU, as a united force, appears to be doomed now, and not necessarily because of the influx of war-displaced peoples, but more the new unbalance of diametrically-opposed cultures and diversity of archaic religions. Feelings of durable identity and historical belonging are so important to countries with a tradition of long-standing, low-spread mono-cultures, so important to feelings of security and psychical well-being. Now eroding fast.
On a more positive note: is Ewan Davies, Daniel Craig without make-up? Uncanny!
Trevor x

pdemitchell on 24-01-2016
The Marked Man
hopefully from natural causes,
becomes eco-friendly dust

I like the imagery and political nous

Author's Reply:
Yes, in contrast to political nous, the human mind will always, just from curiosity, and to some extent, out of fear of death and dying, and in awe of fabulous, powerful Nature, test novel thinking, particularly abstract spiritualality in order to assert the tolerances of logical gateways, but, hopefully, of course, without risking them being breached, causing the person to slip into suddy cognitive chaos, that's hard to recover from; and especially, on losing executive control. needing the depressive defence to stop totally losing contact with reality and becoming completely freaked out!
Not only cultural intellectuals, of course, think the enrichment to human experience justifies the risks; religious fantasy being the one exception though, as quite properly, evolutionary development won't absorb it, but still regards it as being no different from any other form of psychotic thinking! With all incoming psychical energy, sensoric, all outgoing, motoric, the psychical tension caused by this illogical dissidence is discharged externally as aggression, or internally as psychsomatic tension. Significant levels of religious tension could never be created by internal illogical fantasy alone, but has to be introduced from outside, before an effective reality-testing mechanism has been established.
Thank for your comments, Paul, and distinguishing this work as being primarily the political nous factor!
Best, Trevor