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Originally published on November 13, 2015 in Poetry        


Souls lost to mortal sight
float in eternal remembrance.
On a gilded barque
that harks
at a Golden Age.
Their page is penned
In classic script.
Ripped untimely from
some Latin fable unable
to tell the tale,
or toll the bell,
for unrequited youth.
In truth, such
grey and sallow days
but prove it a world
long fled.

Our dead serve
to point a maxim
long forgot:
That common man
is nought but coin
for shysters
and the realms they bought

© franciman (franciman on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 35782
Archived comments for Blood Price
stormwolf on 13-11-2015
Blood Price
Oh God yes!
I share the rage! Wonderfully expressed with your usual muted passion and righteous anger.
Alison X

Author's Reply:
Thank you my Dear.
We have a lot in common, I fear!
Jim x

sweetwater on 14-11-2015
Blood Price
Wonderful words leading us to the bitter truth of why wars exist, and the sad fact that money is truly at the heart of these barbarous actions. Sue.

Author's Reply:
Thanks Sue,
So glad this spoke to you.
Jim x

Elfstone on 14-11-2015
Blood Price
This is very good - I love poems which drip a kind of acid truth and anger. And how good to see a poem well set on the page.
If I may be nit-picky, the upper case "T" in "To point a maxim" seems out of place and the layout of those few lines might be slightly altered to good effect.

Author's Reply:
So glad you dropped by and gave critique. I have minisculed the T and placed the closing lines in their own space. Thanks, it does look better.
Jim x

Mikeverdi on 15-11-2015
Blood Price
That is fine writing Jim, sorry to be so long before commenting. Particularly like that last stanza:
That common man is naught but coin....

Author's Reply:
I'll make a socialist of ye yet, you fat cat Capitalist, you!
Thanks for the fine comments.
Jim xx