UKArchive ID: 36424St Ives, ten years after by dylan
Originally published on April 11, 2016 in Poetry        

For a friend.

The Chinese print stirs
blue against blue,
in a slow breath of morning.

As new light is broken
on the thin shutter bones,
the air is laced with last nights` perfume
the taste of salt and rain
and the sweeping gulls
forage and criticize.

I have seen your photograph
on the dusty shelves of friends
cold and serene.
And perfect as this sun.

Now the dappled sand gives up
fragments of a broken grail,
and some tenuous silk threads,
improbably intact.

And I watch morning fill
the white sailed yachts,
as the sea showers absolution
on all the selves
I have ever been.

© dylan (dylan on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 36424
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Mikeverdi on 11-04-2016
St Ives, ten years after
Just beautiful writing as always young sir 😊
Thanks for posting.

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Gothicman on 12-04-2016
St Ives, ten years after
Yes, I second that, very spiritual and atmospheric, which in an everyday setting makes it even more poignant and powerful.

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sweetwater on 13-04-2016
St Ives, ten years after
I have read this several times and it just keeps getting ever more beautiful, and conveys such a lovely image and atmosphere. Sue.

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